OneButton Illussssion

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Burn VISA buuuuuurrrnnnnnnnn


Polyarnyy MedvedMoto

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Join USA before they get deleted
2 alliance v 1 country lol
The new era starting with bra and ending with zil.
no sweat Ace, u have strategy and organization on ur side :d
millo!!! Saliste en la TV!
2 alliances against 1 country? It s only Brazil vs the Pantheon MPP network, but I m sure strategy and organization will lead you to victory
All I see is a chicken.... wannabe a rooster... but only a chicken..... its like wanting to buy a good rooster to make a good stew but only getting a chicken full of steroids and filled with water.......
Kenchi lol
Patheon when sow they will lose they disband ally :-) ahahah now they will say one country alone ahaha. Diesel propo
Lol this article is only 2 days old. Marlock if you’re looking for a career, fortune telling is not for you.
Diesel I am so happy u care Cheeky