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Today was a  learning point.

Today I learned what the Nation of Brazil is worth.

Absolutely fucking nothing.

I apologize to a few in Brazil, your leaders are fucking shit and backstab for resources. 

I fought for fun, and tried and beat the most powerful alliance in the game. I wanted a fucking challenge. 

Brazil fucking backstabbed Ireland for resources, and left us.

I can t do this now. So either Ireland will fight to the end in what WE believe in, or we ll come together.

Ireland ceases all actions toward former nations of PH. And will talk to AM about reaching a peaceful agreement with everyone but Brazil.

Yoda, you will pay for your transgressions towards the Irish Republic. 



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Nation of backstabbers. What a disgrace. It seems your word means nothing anymore, especially when it s up against virtual resources....
What happen? I dont really understand.. Crying
What happen? I dont really understand.. +1
Explain this story there
What happen? I dont really understand.. +2
I belive they atacked USA în Siberia for bonuses instead helping Ireland .
Ah, voted Laugh
If you had asked Argentina you would know, but you didn t
hahahah you are funny Laugh
o7 Hail Ireland
They promised several times that they would help us against the USA, but a few minutes before the end of the battle they said they had some internal problems to take care of so they couldn t help. In reality, it seems like they plotted WITH the USA behind our backs only to trade resources.
@Kobble, I think what happened is way more trivial than you think. Celio s pocket was tired and he decided to borrow yours for the day Cheeky
you could have paid OFC in the battle, oh wait.... Anyway, you only cry and cry and cry.
@Bris We started this war after helping many allies as we could. We fight for Peru, Bosnia, MKD, Indo, Turkey and Georgia. We have done a lot of things that have helped countries return to their regions. We know about his double play and his interest in taking the bonuses of Scotland and Iceland. Because of only one battle we tested your allegiance and after you use words against us saying that we would be off if we did this again we know that you are only interested in the harm that we could give in your favor. Allies like Indo, Peru and others will continue to help without asking for anything because they come to our rescue without thinking twice. Now this log you posted is a group with Indo Bra Ire and USA. After this war we requested our terms and made an agreement that would involve all IM with Indo and so you could also negotiate in this group your battle terms. This log is just an image of a piece of trading that was opened.
Celio, this is not trading simulator. Your VISA can t compensate what a douchebag you are. Sadly for you.
@danider the worst SC in the history of this server
Brazil fight for his allies because this was their INTEREST not because love you LOL
Think about it, make 60 days peace with enemy buy 20+10+2 eb at 6 hours ( i am generous with sleep time) = 32x6=192 let s say 200 eb/ day. In 60 days a player who sold all for the game can earn 12.000 energy kits 12k ek x 400k medium damage /hit with bought boosters the hero can give more than all other players ingame more days. And If îs not enough we buy another 1k packs and hire OFC. Îs so simple. But in the end who loose more? SUA because list bonuses or the guy(s) who give these money to an online game. I let You to think....
I will do an article about bonuses interest and logs about double face. We will put every war that Brazil fight for allies to liberate many countries of wiped. Ireland attack USA only for Scotland and Iceland. but the problem is Brislean that to do a diplomatic game as Danider and other guys. We fight for each ally before to have 3x100. So please dont tell us about traitor. In Brazil each guys read a log about you. I am not you. This logs is about group of USA BRA IREL INDO and it is about the NAP after a mimimimi of Bris about defeat a battle. We have many fronts and our problem in the end of this battle is your log doing double diplomacy. This group of NAP I request my terms for me and IM. But soon I will do an article about it.
Yoda is multi of Celio.
Yoda, I hardly understood anything of what you wrote in 10 sentences, I don t want to think about what it will be in a whole article. Maybe write in an article how you lied that I proposed USA to you in terms of peace. Maybe write an article how you did make use of Argentine and Spain and then throw them away. Write an article how you threatened half the world with DoWs if they don t let you to Bulgaria. If there is someone that is worst in anything, it is certainly not me. Maybe write how your big friend Georgia offered to leave you for 5 regions, you seem to be very valuable ally for them.
I have understood everything that YODA has talk I give you a tip FAILNIDER, use the translate, you will go better
@Brigadiernider you can talk with my hand!
Of course. When you have to explain your betrayals and your lies, I can talk with your hand. You are one pathetic coward.
-x-=+ means when you put Yoda s comment in google translator (which doesnt really do a good job) you get right sentence in your requested language)))) Hooray
It will be interesting to repeat that romance story of how Argentina came to your rescue Brazil, offering you body and soul to complete this unfulfilled love for house bonuses. Just give some tissues upon entrance to cinema cause we are sensitive people and we cry easy with passionate love stories. Last but not least: big gil, I bet the big part has nothing to do with your IQ
It does not require any IQ to backstab.
@The Sharman, You can do that in all Brazilians comments 😁
You realized it too late, but welcome to the Brazil backstabbed Union.
Y lo dice un español, nación que nunca fue atacada o perjudicada por Brasil, pero que se arrodilla y firma mpp con un pais que le humillo y le ha wipeado como Bulgaria.
Te calmas
Are bonuses really that important?
Se te ve entendido Big Gil, lo que se te olvida es que mientras bulgaria nos borraba brasil firmaba un mpp con ellos :3
Qyandur +100 BIG GIL(ipollas) -100
Pelea pelea pelea 😅
@Qyandur, es verdad. Mientras España era borrada (quizás incluso antes) Brasil firmaba mpp con los bulgaros, pero quiero apenas puntualizar dos cosas. Ni así luchamos contra España (y es que hasta la actual fecha jamás hemos luchado contra España) y tampoco Bulgaria nos habia borrado (de ahi que hasta se entiende lo nuestro, pero no lo vuestro). Nuestra mpp con Bulgaria a durado poco mas que nuestra presencia en la desorganizada e inutil NL y es que Brasil des del inicio a tenido que hacer se casi que dependiendo de si mismo y la verdad es que con España en particular hemos tenido un gran desencuentro, me recuerda aquella canción que dice: Cuando tú vas, yo vengo de allí cuando yo voy, tú todavía estás aquí. xD.. Yo confieso que no reconozco a esa España, que olvida el wipe y la humillación bulgara, solo porque ellos tengan aprovechado un momento dado para regalar les algo de daño (o cariño a saber, Failnider es muy cariñoso cuando se lo propone), pero eso ya es cosa vuestra, que no os gusta Brasil, pues me parece perfecto. Lo que me parece patético es aliar se con tu verdugo antes de que le devuelva su merecido, si eso sucediera en mi comunidad, te garantizo que o no lo consiento o le abandono...............@Pourdeville te ha bajado la regla nena?
Hola. Vengo a figurar o/
@BIG GIL-ipollas, no, se la quite a tu gfa 😘