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Yoda... you re not supposed to eat it...


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Laugh Laugh mmmm grubber
Maybe I can do an article with Danider and Bris negociation! hahaha. we fight hard for many countries allies. And after it log about it I can not request my friends in Brazil for fight for Ireland. @everyone. I sent it log for many great friends so we will see in the end who is right! And yes after war it is fair request bonuses for my country when CP of Ireland has a mimimimi because one battle.
We aren t angry about regions. We aren t angry about no damage. We are angry because you tell us last second that you will not give the damage you said you would because of internal problems . We could have made up the difference had you given us a fair warning. And then we find out you go behind our backs with some deal for an NAP with the USA. It s a dirty fucking move and makes you look like a crayon eating mongoloid.
Yeap But becaise that Log Of Negociation of Bris and Danider I cant put each soldier for fight for double face. The NAP was everyone in the same room. I request my terms and each country could request your Terms and the NAP with IM and AM. But Bris angry because your plans failed when we receive it log. So maybe you can ask for him
Our plans failed because you abandoned us. Otherwise we would have planned accordingly. Glad that you accept the responsibility for the dirty move, though. We don t care about the negotiation stuff, we care about the backstabbing.
Best Irish I know is just a cup of coffee