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Thanks to Picaroon we now can see last missions:
And last one was:
Build or upgrade company - reward is 500 xp points and 2000 storage

Unfortunately players like me will not see that missions in their profiles... 3 months fight and rank to be rised in some days... i make my best and make over 20%, but its not enough... i must buy 2-3 bars pack and to find weapons or buy gold for them to complete it.... and ofcourse i will dont do it.... i got mission with 200 bars in one battle, + rank mission + after that another one with 300 :D i dont think to pay salary of admin this month...


SUB + VOTE and maybe share?
Last Missions - GOLD ones /or pink/ -



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Pictures are not working.
I see... now works
Thanks itso
How to make 3,000 hits in a single battle? it`s madness
No its not madness to the admins... its a way of living to them... they need cash to pay for food you know Smile)))
Same here. Voted
Thanks to Picaroon we now can see last missions: You do realize AZTEK made an article 4 days ago about these missions?
Ma ko ce da ganja te misije. Samo opušteno pa sta prodjes, prošao si.
Pretty dissapointing, but after they did the dumb shit they did I maybe would be even more mad if they added dumb mission and tons of rewards behind it Cheeky