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Poland cannot accept conditions which are presented in article Treaty of Dublin: AM-USA-Spain-BG-Rom NAP.
We werent invited on any talks about future partition of MAP and nobody
contacted us to arrive region rental. In this way Romania started War Law on us
and we will reply on it even in long period of time. Soldiers feel passion to
fight after shamefull offer sent by Romanian CP which is 20 gold high, and this offer was sent after we start NE congress LAW against Romania. People
and soldiers of Polish army received this offer as spitting on Republic. WAR
WITHOUT REASON is started and Poland and its allies will fight hard, until last
weapon and blood.
We are aware that Romania same as Bulgaria cannot into diplomacy in rental
Best Regards,
Pilsudczyk, Polish CP


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Protect your rights.
English is not your strong point I gues.. thats why you were not invited to any discusion... and you as a member of AM alliance, that was present at the negociation are only entitaled to ask your alliance leaders why they did not ask you to join...
We arent part of AM or any alliance yet, thats why maybe we werent present on talk between alliances. You writing about english skills and self cant write negotiations properly.
Lol this has bryce s fingerprints all over it
Lol Poland who stop you to fight against all ? And conquer the entire world?
Than you should have been glad that we tryed to even offer you a rental fee... Smile in this case.. we are not wasteing a dime if you don t need it..
Why was Polish regions mentioned there is silly. AM never had any interest in Poland. We went there just to fight Bulgaria. You cant fight if you have no border.
Step 1. Get freed by allies, Step 2. Ditch allies, Step 3. Get wiped again
My goal was to free Poland. AM did do that. You know you cant hold the regions, and I know I cant help you either. I did this deal to help Poland. And get you guys back in the map. AM did that. You even accepted this deal.
ops.... so Polish CP now only cryes cause he was left all alone with no pocket change gold Sad what a pitty... GROW UP DUDE...!!!