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I wanna present season-system, i have some thought that you may ignore. and fancy graphix. and some risks: sandbox wouldnt be sandbox anymore, changing of players aim.

what did you do to article editor? i remember and erev it was simple and it was worked

1. Many videogames has season system, that mean this
 - every %insert_time_here% rankings reseted.
 - every %insert_time_here% rankings and accounts reseted.
 So some fresh start every period. From zero, or from some check-point
2. Some other browser MMO-RPG-FPS-RTS (i mean and ice-apple) sometimes creates tournaments.
3. Another browser MMO-RTS-RPG-FPS (i mean travian) has tournament servers.

My interpritations:
1. Every new server on launch have more attention then prev in current time, look at my graphix
     picno 1.point when i dont give a fuck 

2. When we switch to season system, we will get more hype average, look at my graphix

  pic no 2. change my attention to game whenchange to season system (blue line)

3. Wait what did you sayabout my mamma about tornaments? here is i see two different ways, orstart tournament in between seasons, or torunaments in middle of season. look!
  pic no 3. my new attention with tournaments in between seasons ( green line)

I see two ways:
1. One single server with seasons
2. Main server and season servers

Problem should be solved to switch on season-system:
1. I know that all whjat you want is money: donation system should overthinked, or visa guys wil be like “wtf donate every season, me left”. Yeah many season designed to gather more money.
-  lover prices?
-  delet gold?
-  limit gold could be bought fromshop?
-  replace gold by new items / new mechanix ( has not gold in maket, only usefull prem tools)
2. Lenght of season have no idea, at least should be passed few month
3. Seasons mean that SOME GUYS COULD WIN GAME. Thinking about reward for
-   Alliance
-   Country
-   MU
-   Single person
Reward shouldnt let guys snowballing
4. A lot of time to develop? Shieeet

Examples of season systems:

- League/DOTA2
- dunno about MMORPG, but they almost all has tournaments
- /ice-apple has torunaments
- travian has tournament servers

Risks and fears:
Sandbox wouldnt be sandbox anymore.
Aim of players will change.
Teamplay is important
Yeah, multyland.

P.S. Proofpics

   pic no 4. virgin game without season-system

  pic no 5. chad game with season-system


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