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Since the administrator seem does not to listen to common sense,
he maybe hear the ultimatum of an commun player.

I think I speak on behalf of a large majority of players, when I say that this game is a
total ruin and an alley for anyone who tries to develop in the game, but does not buy gold.

I buy some gold, I'm close to having the second premium star, but still (spending about average 60 euros per month in the game), and sometimes, I have to sell lunch, to can buy dinner (sarcasm).

Imagine the great majority of players who not have stars.

Of all the games of that type that I've played since 2009,That is the worst of all games,
for to win gold.

We do not win gold, even to pay the cost of the weapons,
even if they will cost us 1g/100.Playing at erev2,
is synonymous with poverty for today and misery for tomorrow.

There are people who like to fight against a certain country, for me i like to fight against what is unfair for all.

In real life walking, I take 5 minutes to step on the sand of the beach.

I wonder sometimes ...
What the hell am I doing spending money and wasting time in that game with an administrator who does not fix the problems.

Yes because for something to be good, it has to be good for everyone, and in that game, things are only good for their creators.

Hence, I leave my ultimatum reflected in that article.

Dear administrator,
or you within a week confirm us through an article what will change the damage we have to achieve to win a medal or other measures to help us all win more gold,
or for my part, I will leave the game, leaving you, alone us with your stubbornness.

Every day we have fewer people, soon you will have to change the name of the game to




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But It is so funny spend 30g in weapons and gain 1 medal Laugh
The problem is that your country used the GOLD from its treasury to BUY mercenaries instead of giving you loans to build your TG`s and this way make your life easyier Smile))) thats why you now cry ... Don t get me wrong.. I also consier the administration very lazy and only takeing your cash from packs and not doing much for this game to work.... but this is also because there are things wrong in how your GOV takes care of you by giving your TAX gold to mercenaris instead of investing in its own players... thats why you now have to cry....
In Brazil we have free weapons. I myself have factory weapons and missiles q4 I do not complain about me, nor about Brazil but for the people who leave that game for the ruinous thing that is You re wrong And by the way, until just a few days OFC was in your side what do you claim?
@Asmin Sorry, but in SoA we have free weapons to fight too. Laugh We are talking about the full scenario, not about Brazil. The medal ratio is ridiculous. We only can have profit with free weapons. It don t make sense.
Ahah! funny, you re not serious I guess. 60euros per month! I admit to have spend 10euros at the begining. But (except for erev pack) I didn t felt any needs to spend more. But I agree that gold is a bit hard to get and I cannot find a way to afford the update of my training center for the moment (almost 3 weeks that I try to spend as less as possible gold to get these !?!!!?! 170g XD ).
Maybe try to adapt to the game instead forcing people who build it to adapt the game to your needs and desires.True,making gold easier to win would be fun and better for new players,but that s not the case so i don t whine about it,instead I try to help all new players that register enough so they can be self sufficient.
Lo0ping I have CT q5 but, It bothers me, that there are many people in the game, even with CTq3 because they could not buy gold In other games, people could climb their center with the medals they won. It is not fair to the great majority. And for the record, Brazil was the nation that has most updated the CT for q5
@Well done Boikov But if you look, there are few strong communities in that game. because the game does not seduce. We have 4 countries with some activity and nothing else. In South America there is practically only Brazil on the erev1 when I was still playing, we had Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay and Brazil Made less of more people and communities on that server and on top of that, we are going astray
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Thanks PortgasAce
Thanks petros2
You spend 60 euros per month, getting free weapons and still cant manage to build companies to self-sustain? I have not spend any money in this game and i still have TG at level 5, missile factory, 16 companies(total of more than 1000g) and im fighting non stop even with weapons 50% of the time. I also dont have multies, only 3 refferals under 25 level. Its not admin s fault for your stupidity.
whats up with you, Assmin? aha
My dear, what you are writing about are not -problems- but features. This game had been designed to do just as it is doing and it works perfectly.
Admin up weap damage very very low
@Alexander95 And you who know how many companies or gold I have, to call me stupid. You say you have 1000 golds in companies plus another 1000 golds in training center and missiles But I add your medals and they do all no reach me at 600g And then he says he does not have multis hehehe. Good joke
My missile factory is Q2. I meant to say that im building rockets everyday. Now i see you dont get my point. Of course i cant have my companios only from medals. Im selling the production i cant consume myself. Thats where my gold is coming from. Your strategy is just wrong. Maybe you put all your gold in fights which is completely wrong. This game is mixed, economical and battle. You have to find the right balance between these two.
Alexander I do that Understand, I have never claimed for my situation Look at the game, we only have large communities in 4 countries, the others do not exceed 30 real and active people and people leave the game because of what I have said.
erev3 will be much better
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xD it’s just the wrong person writing the article. People hate you not the idea of changing the medal system
Agree o7
The article is about medal system and some people think it is about Brazil or Big Gil account. Laugh
Close the door when you go out. Laugh
I agree, V+
Dejen de llorar y metan mas dinero al juego tanto quejarse para queden las cosas gratos llorones 😍😍💪💪
Thats all for me, is very boring play this game. Bye.
Votes I agree of course
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Server 2 was make only for gold buyers, that s why I ve been 2 clicks since the game started. signed : best tank in server 1
Yo solo estoy esperando Edomination2 el regreso.
game is really bad