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After I left my Saudi Arabia hosts me and my boys left to the first airport to our private jet.


Destination: Campinas, Brazil. After few hours we landed, there was already members of Esquadrao de la muerte ( Brazil squadron from Delta Force ) waiting for us. We greeted each others and entered limo. In next hour and half i spend time chatting with night guardians of USA. Finally we reached our  destination Hacienda of Mr.Gabiru, he was waiting for me on entrance.

- E aí Ainz tudo beleza?

- Tudo joia meu velho.

He took me to the beautiful garden inside of hacienda where many maids was waiting with Caipirinha for us. After some time i asked my host if soldiers can join us for a talk and he accepted. Our security sit down with us and my Berets asked Mr.Gabiru to answer then few questions because they never get chance to talk to him before.

Mr.Gabiru we know about you for many years but we never got to know who you really are?

- My real life name is Wilson Costa, 42 years old, I’m from Brazil and I’ve been working in Information Technology for almost 24 years.

Its strange that you like Brazilian fight for USA how that happen?

- That’s a long history and begins in eRev1. Bottom line is that there are few groups within Brazilian community, and we don’t trust each other.

Its not wrong to say that your statistic systems helps Military commanders, alliance leaders and journalists. Why you decided to create erevtools?

-  I play this type of game since 2010 when I was introduced to eRepublik. I remember that I saw tool like that back at that time and I was impressed with the amount of data you could get from it. eRev1 was launched and then I decided to create something similar. Since I’m from IT area, I know how to code it. I also took this opportunity to learn different skill set that I’m not used to in my work life. I think I can tell you that I’ve made it for fun.

Well we thank you for that but we are curious why you gave it for free? Such powerful tool could bring you a lot of gold.

- I have my own way of life. I built these tools in my spare time at my own pace as one of my hobbies.

Can we expect new features in future?

Usually I get inputs from my closest in game friends and implement it step by step. I think not everybody is aware that I’ve made a Discord bot, but one of my priorities now is to integrate the bot and eRev2Tools to help MU managers in organized hits.

We are in this world over 100 days now, what are your thoughts about it as one of most famous citizens here?

I liked the way toughness of the game is implemented currently. It requires players to think about different strategies to build their account as it’s harder to get gold. It’s also harder for countries to have access to resources/bonuses. If I were admins, I wouldn’t change any of these, even though the community has been asking for it. This is what makes this game more appealing to me at least.

- I would like to see one of those journalists compiling a list of tools in place for this game. I know there is others out there. It will help players to understand what is available as well as recognize the work of different tools creator out there.

Okay boys that is enough for tonight- I said - leave me and Gab to relax a bit. Yes, sir! - shouted boys as they jump on feet and left garden.
Sorry old man if my guys bothered you too much. All fine my friend curiosity is good thing for youngsters - he reply -. The rest of evening we spent drinking and talking about old good times.

In the morning members of La muerte escorted us back to  airport and we left Brazil. Where to? You will see in next article ;)

Word of Ainz:

As a man my principle is that every effort should be rewarded. So i call all citizens to support Mr.Gabiru work! All support cc from this article will be donated to our old man Gabiru also if you desire to donate some gold as well will be nice.

Also Black Berets and Arabia BoS MU are users of Mr.Gabiru discord bot with many features that can help to Country Presidents, MU commanders and all citizens of erev. So if you are interested to buy such tool for your country or MU feel free to contact me in game or discord and i will explain all features that bot can offer.





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