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Hello everyone,

here we are again with the latest Admin news. Pay attention, because there are some news for you, especially if you are focused on solving your missions. So, let’s begin:

Speed week

You liked the previous one and it helped you greatly with passing missions, so here it is again: the Speed Week will be active in the week from Jan 21st-27th (of course, the last day being Sunday the 27th), so you will once again have x2 energy recovery. Use it to your advantage.

Changes about missions

Up until now, you weren’t able to complete the missions using gold. Now (partly because you asked for it), those options will unlock, as follows:
Stage 1 - basic/gray missions - 10g each
Stage 2 - first 3 missions from all colored groups - 20g each
Stage 3 - second 3 missions from all colored groups - 30g each
Stage 4 - third 3 missions from all colored groups - 40g each
Stage 5 - fourth 3 missions from Soldier (green) and Business (blue) groups - 50g each
Stage 6 - Golden missions - 60g each

Regarding the complaints about missions and rewards, the situation is: We are fully aware that we can’t make everyone happy, there will always be people who dislike things and are not satisfied enough. And that is ok. Over the course of missions many rewards were given, some of them being 90gold, 1 land space, 500RPG, 400 q5 weapons etc. Some of the missions are supereasy, and some of them are a bit hard, some are meant to be solved alone, some with the help of the community, all of which is supposed to be like that, so it poses as challenge, to push you into being bigger, better soldier/businessman/player. But of course, in the end, you are the only ones that choose whether to solve any missions or solve some/all of them and in what way. Before the event itself, many hours were spent thinking about the missions, calculating how many hits/damage is solvable for average player, checking stats ingame about players, communicating with several players and asking their opinion about the missions, and we made them in a way that vast majority of players can solve all of them in a month without having to pay for it.

If you believe you have some nice and/or interesting ideas about any of the future missions/events, we would love to hear from you and think about your suggestions. Same goes for any aspect of the game. Who knows, maybe some of your ideas will be implemented. Contact us or anyone from the eRev2 Team, be it through ingame message, Discord, Support or e-mail, we are looking forward to your ideas so in the future we can create better content.

Bonus mission

On the Jan 21st(Monday), there will be a bonus mission available. It will unlock to those that complete all of the missions from the Golden section. After you finish that one, you will receive a medal on your profile for successful completion of all missions.

In case you forgot: The missions can be solved until Feb 1st!

Cupid event

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and we are preparing for it, so we would like to announce the next event - Cupid event. It will be active from Feb 4th until Feb 24th. The form of the event is this: you will have a 5x5 board (25 fields) which you will unlock. Only 10 places on board have prizes. After you collect all of the rewards from that board, it will reset and another board will open so you start from the beginning etc. You can obtain arrows by shooting in battles, as you have 10% chance from every hit to receive an arrow.
So to recap, board will reset automatically when you open 10 rewards, no matter how many empty fields remain; you opened 10 reward fields, you move on to the next board.

Baby booms

If anyone wishes to organize baby booms, don’t hesitate to contact the admins for help. Admins will gladly support all baby booms, and we will do everything in our power to help you.

Also, if anyone owns a YouTube or Twitch channel and does streaming, and wishes to advertise eRevollution 2 on their channel, feel free to contact us.

That is it for now. We wish you luck in completing the missions you plan to complete, and lots of fun while doing so.

For any questions, problems, suggestions, feedback, feel free to contact us via any of the official channels. You can use them also to inform yourself about news, maintenance schedule, updates and any other info regarding the game.

That is it for now. Until some other time with more news, have fun and enjoy the game.
Best regards,

eRevollution Team 


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Pole prros! o/
Admins finally investing in the game? Wow 😮. Altho bit overdue. Nice changes o7
Stay firm with your decisions o7
Is the option to skip with gold added,or not yet? Nice changes btw o7
I have all the missions long time ago. Can t I just have the medal mission 😂
Just remove Strenght in new mission and everything will be ok...
Poslusao si
very good adm
@ChrisGeoRM- The unlock-with-gold option will be active on Jan 21st (Monday).
there is no Polish version of the game, no translation and no Polish players
make missions with rank to be %, not all rank.....
moze proci Cheeky
@akm990 - Players are the ones who did the translations to their first language. Polish was sent to a person, but never received the translated version. If you or any other Polish players wish to do it, send us a mail at
@Misteriosa ty
We need more time!!
Yes! Very good!
If cupid event have str than many players wont happy.
Свака част !
It doesnt have str Cheeky
We need mentors to chat and teach new comerS As u know in chat or by message We need it in every country to Make this Boring game a Heaven. Best Regards
Nice o7
Mabye? o7
Give me back my Gold. I click by accident end od mission .
Admin, if you want babyboom start advertising the game and provide at least a tutorial for the new players. Stop waiting from us, the players, to make babybooms for you Smile
@CSKABG1 Yup, they really lazy to do advertising on their own..