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Today this guy steal BH from one of my friends. From this day he is on my black list,and also i wanna ask all my friends around the world to put him on black list. Btw to make situation more interesting for people who love golds i am giving 5 golds every time when someone steal his medal.

Good luck everyone and


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but y ping me in discord?
If you really wanted it, you d ve hit more.
@Hirohito he didnt steal mine BH Laugh If he try to steal mine i would hit 10 times more than him.He steal BH from weaker player.That make me angry
He stole engineer medal from me. Sad
@Diesel come to Croatia and we will go to Thompson concert and sing all your favorite songs Laugh
Wow, your friend sucks at the game.
ma jebe mi se
If your heart still has thirst for truth... see the story in detail, evidence and direct links -- see it by your own eyes and judge it by your own heart but don t let others tell you how should you feel -------
A battle hero medal is won by the one who dealt most damage at the end of the battle... Noone can steal something when there is not a rightful owner of it...
are you kidding? plz put me to black list little kid i dont want to trade with dickhead call also your mother too to punishe me. ohhhhh yes noooooob is every were hahahahahahaha
i only read your newspaper and laugh its such jock wtf. how old r u? Kobble @ +1 lkjhgfy209cf4cc2etvop7025tgb@ Smile lol he stolen ur BH? no one cant take BH because its ur BH .you must fight more than him if you could Smile)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Raiden@ he is all BH owner. no one can fight more than him other wise he will put him to black list. hahahahahahahahaha
your not hero you dont deserve medal. go back to school HAHAAHHAHHAHHAAHAAHAAHHAHA ok Laugh