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Hello erevolution,

I am writing this paper because erevolution is dying because of racism and clans ganking on individuals. Sadly most of the players follow the Medias  without thinking about the truth or processing the situation, undortunately they accept the advertised news with closed eyes.

It is  sad but mostly terrifying, truely I am worried about humanity..... :(

please hear my side of story and see the evidence by your own eyes and judge with your heart, not with the glass of politics or clan s rules.

in this news paper:  
 paper published by Salah ad Din Yusuf 

They called me theft , and advertised me as horrible person.... I don t know if he is a multi or just accepting news from his friend without any proves or just hate me without any reason. But there is other side for the coin too, see it yourself  WITH EVIDENCE !

today , I ve won a BH medal but not long after the battle, I ve received following message:


Insulting someone based on his nationality, skin color, culture and etc. (in a word RACISM) is super sad to witness in here too...
lets say NO to racism, it s 2019 !!!

if we don t stand infront of digital bullys they will conquer reall world too !

In the picture you can see that he called me a theft, but do you know what is the entire story ????
take a look:


this is the link to the battle :
battle link

_ If you are the fisrt one in a battle who start to fight, and your name comes on the board only with one hit, does it make you owner of the BH medal ?
_BH medal belongs to whom ?

we all know if we are on the board as the highest damage, it does not make us the owner of BH medal, and most defiantly it does not DENY others from fighting too!

So if you are on the board and someone fight more than you, it doesn t make him a thief !

Organized hits at the very end of the battle is one the beauties of this game, and everyone knows about it, why they are trying to make it ugly?!

Beside of that, please look at the number of hits, 213 vs 285 hits....... you can see that 5 mil damage was not missiles only.

At the end I want to ask you:

Stay against bullys and especially racism !

Don t believe whatever you here without evidence and reason !

Don t defend the BAD people only because they have been your country man or friend.

these are my references, check it by yourself:

link to Pelavi golub profile : https://www.erev2.com/en/profile/3423
screen shot from the profile : http://uupload.ir/files/lj3_plavi.jpg

link to Salah ad Din Yusuf profile : https://www.erev2.com/en/profile/686
Screen shot from the profile : http://uupload.ir/files/w0ue_saladin_profile.jpg

Link to Saladin and his Cairo news paper, published by Salah ad Din Yusuf : https://www.erev2.com/en/article/2835
Screen shot from news paper : http://uupload.ir/files/s0et_saladin.jpg

Link to the battle : https://www.erev2.com/en/battlefield/2521/1#



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Voted. No to racism
Golub los coek!!!
Culture ? Where y have ?
no to racism
Stifler.is gay he is not rasist
Stifler.is gay he is not rasist x2
I am gay not racist 😁😂 Ask Danider if you dont trust meee Levskii pikcaaaa
No to racism
J aime pas les noix et les arbres.
for 5g, so irony
Mortals ccc
That s pathetic someone gets so angry about a battle hero. It s even more pathetic that you couldn t even get the battle hero and decided to rage about how inept and incompetent you are at the game. And then you go and cry to friends to go bully someone because you suck so much at this game.
stifler is an idiot if SA tries some sort of shit we ll wipe them off the map. they have forgotten that they begged us for a couple of regions a few months ago Laugh
Is this a moral lecture? I mean, I don t support nor racism nor xenophobia, but it s totally legal to offend people, it s your choice to be a jerk, If you think it s wrong make them feel that way, I repeat I don t support nor racism nor xenophobia, but people have right to be both, they even have right to express it, until they won t hurt someone physically. So quit with childish articles and just report him, if you think he deserves a ban or at least some kind of punishment.
Since when is Iranian a Race?
Eat tacos.
US support ISIS 😂
lol why the hell am i laughing it s not even funny :/ 1. you fell so low just for one stupid medal 2. iranian is not a race 3. even if it is racism it is their aka. free language and claiming that this gamers would conquer world in real life too is kinda funny especially when this comes from iranian people damn, my country s history remembers a lot and remembers well ...
I really dont know who is more stupid
You mess with bad guys, they are geys actually. Since when is Iranian a Race? x2
Stop Racism
یا حیدر کرار زند نقش به زودی بر پرچم سبز عربستان سعودی
@Marcelo , @radovlje -- I don t know how it s called when someone is treated based on her/his color, culture, nationality, facial shape and etc. -- there is word like sexism, but I don t know other word ( beside racism ) to describe this action -- it is not that much different btw -- in both racism/sexism and this behavior the person is treated and judged based on how she/he looks and appear -- when i said they will conquer the world is referring to metaphor - I meant they will be encouraged to continue bullying in real life too.
go back in your caves and farm iranians...like in your every game, damn useless to even put iran on the map in games like this
that is racist @Slavi Gopnik he s from iraq...
where is rasism?He just threat u
It s a game guys lol
@Philotimolo because Mr. Iraqi took his BH, Slavi responded. this is pure racism and must be stopped!!!!!!!!
O7 Hay personas que no saben que estan en un juego
He was not nice and called you gay. But what you could expect from someone that just lost BH. People get upset You should just forgot about in not write an article about it. It has nothing to do with racism.
Somebody from Serbia told me s.... My c... K, I ll f.... K your ass,coz I took his bh. I have just told him sorry for what is just happened. There are some kids in the game, when they don t get what they want they start insulting. So my friend I know what he did it is not nice, but please share your evidence with admin. Probably he would get banned for 24 hours.Writing first article is making the situation complexer.
به ادمین بگو بنش کنه این یه توهین نژادی اشکاره
@Saint SGN You are stupid. IF i say this to you, am i racist? Now why you are stupid. You are stupid because you took BH from small player in no important battle. As i Know you took it in Last minutes and thats called stealing. So you make some kid angry and Now you Cry in article about that. Thats stupid in my opinions. What would i do? I dont fight for BH, 5 gold is not important to me, and if someone Rock 200 + kills i will not pass him. Only if battle is important for me, to be won then yes until we won, and in the end i would send 5gold to guy Who fighted for medal. Thats how gentlments do. Peace.
Yes do not write anything against Iranians or Turks - they always keep their words or a treaty. There are a special Race.
15 years mentally at most.
You have to solve this issue with admin. but do not open your mouth too much about Iran. I m provoked for it 😉
Lol. Hay niño, das pena ajena.
Here the guy that lost the BH, and how all happened: https://youtu.be/Cy4mztkndHk
It s called discrimination, but It s actually accepted to use racism as well Race discrimination is when you are treated unfairly because of your race, or because of the race of someone you are connected with, such as your partner. Race includes colour, nationality, citizenship and ethnic or national origins. But otherwise I agreed with you... This is wrong on so many levels
what is wrong to being rasist Smile
Ayaaaaaaaaaaaa Jappel la licra eussou
hail otakos
iran deserves to be deleted by arabia o7
iran deserves to be deleted by arabia o7 x2
I dont see any racisme
There is only one thing i hate more than racist. Black ppl
@ogphoenix , thanks you for teaching me the correct phrase, ans specially for the details and confirmation about racism -- @AZTEK, at the begining i left the matter behind but after seeing they are teaming up against me and insulting and affecting my country, i had no option rather than telling the truth, if i would have been silence no one would know the truth and every one woul dhave seen me and my country as horrible person -- @radovlje i;m not worried about some insults towards me, i don t care about what people say, my problem is they are taking advantage with false reasons to put pressure over my country and they have insulted me based on where i am come from (racism) i am as human as anyone is -- and about stealing, there are nice comment dissecting this issue, by other players, please take a look on the comments.
This game is kinda racist. Just consider who has more strength deals more damage.
This comment is by Raiden --13 hours ago --A battle hero medal is won by the one who dealt most damage at the end of the battle... Noone can steal something when there is not a rightful owner of it... ---- the comment is written in the article which they have wrote against me.
STOP BULLYING!! But, this is not racism and you are the bad man here. Racist man not hate nationality or culture, they hate your skin color, body shape (nose, ears, head, eye) or origin (Africa, Asia, America, Europa, Australia).. etc.
I do t see a racism in the article. Insult maybe but racism no. To the person who write the article: at least learn what racism is before acusing someone. Huuuudge diference between insult and racism. GO IRAN
@Trasi @Zarmael --- player ogphoenix has wrote better definition about racism and race discrimination - few lines above - i think it can be fitted in that definition and if you see their profile and the screen shots from their profile [ references in the article] you can see their action was not toward me alone!!! i didn t publish picture of their profile because i didn t want to help them intheir action, but i have taken screen shots and link to screen shots are available in last lines of article !
Iran surrender
often i find myself also truely worried about humanity...
I do t see a racism in the article. Insult maybe but racism no.
Add more sjws and metoo.
there is a word for people like starting with letter C.... stealing bh for dude who did 4m ...what for 5g?
racism ? where. another muslim crying . such a noob.
2k19 and people care that someone has offended them in the online game. LOL
GAME = COMPETITION. BH steeling is part of the game/competition.... so all you noobs that cry about it GROW UP !!!
that s not racist. i dont think that you what racism is
Goddamn hippies...
No to racism....its not remain with-out response from other polite player