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Published in Ireland - Warfare analysis - 20 Jan 2019 08:50 - 7

Bryce started a flame war which resulted in DoW with Croatia. Realizing his mistake, he has openly announced his early retirement due to "university" reasons. But Bryce will be back. However, when he returns, instead of Dublin he will find Croublin.

Irish, in RL Irish and Croats get along just fine, hopefully this will be a short war, and you will get back on the map real soon!


ShisuiMr No GoodArgrob

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bryce retard #1
bryce retard #2
Marlock, ako se unsubam pa ponovno subam jel ti raste broj pretplata?
he is speaking about break like 3 weeks already Laugh
Argob, da, tako sam 4 medalje ubrao
bryce retard #3