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Lets see if Erev its homofobique or not...
Pls support me if your not homofobique and if you are go to hell then :D

Ps: this article its just for fun and laught


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Gays reached erev? wtf guys run
Fuck off with that gay shit. it doesnt grat you any special privileges, it just makes you more of a spack-tard
Are traps gay?
Nope im a homophobe
why @Brisleain
Nope Im a homophobe ×2 :v
@Script remember our conversation about this? There ya go x)
I like trapsss
There is 2019, hence your flag is wrong.
Support o/
get well soon
Are you rich??
Gayness levels over 9000
no Im not rich Sad but i will be one day
Than you are not gay you are obicni peder Smile
LOOOL ahahahaha that was good xD @don Juan Corleone how can i be rithcer to be a good gay guy?
Danider like this article
@barrocaduarte you must sleep with stifler he is rich gey gay guy
Hm thats a good idea that rich gey gay goy gay will make me rich
Yes but be careful he have Kitakosalama Smile
i don t need to have sex i just need to steal him and get the money
Hmmm you must zrtvovat your as* if you want be rich, he said 1cm 1k euro Smile
1cm? wtf? 1 cm of what?
1cm in you 1k euro, 2cm 2k e.....
but 1 cm of what?
So creative
Good for you Wink
Homophobe? Why would anyone be scared of fagg0ts?
Georgians like this article.
You should try pussy
hm why Toran?
Wat??? Last one to close the door!
you go to hell xD
You are kinda cute you know
You are crazy. Go check yourself. Or better go out to the street or students town and check you the super hot Bulgarian girls. Pick any 2 and they will change your sexual orientation overnight for few sweet words. I understand why people in western Europe become gay just by looking at their women. But in Bulgaria gay people are insane !!! Or in Macedonia or Serbia or Russia or Ukraine. There is no way. You should be seriously messed up under your hat, if you are gay and live in any of above mentioned contries
@A333 :dddddddddddddd
never been to georgia. not sure about girls there ....
I mean real country Georgia. I had layover in Atlanta Georgia few years ago and since I m racist kept my eyes off nigga bitches there. But they should be as ugly as every other black shit everywhere
Homosexuals are gay! (captain obvious)