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Rising Up!

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whats the point of pinging everyone xD no english no vote
chamodot emigrantebooo
Portgas, but... but... It s beautiful Sad
Hail Otari
Nothing beats the klingon alphabet!!
Eh metqi bastardebshi avaxvev Laugh magram iasna davrchebi Hail georgia!!!
Marlock, Naah, our s better.
Georgia! o7
Well fu ck... We ll have a lot of these articles from which no one understands a thing in the top5 from now on, because there are a lot of georgians in this game ... Please everyone, do a baby boom so we can understand eachother again 😂
Dama, It s mobilization article, next time I ll write on english.
u gotta feel the articles no need to understand them dummies smh
Todo me quedó clarísimo
Long live Bulgaria! Hail Bulgaria! o7 ☺️
hail qurcika
Hail Georgia ! o7
s 170 s4s
ჰაილ საქართველო o7
Hail Georgia
agi nacionali yofila Sad
Hail Qurcikaa O7
Me no speaku Kaartveli language Sad Me wish good luck o7
Hail Georgia and don t write in English !
@portgasace it easy for read it Wink