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Hello everyone ! how have you been doing the last weeks ?

Today in this very small, yet meaningfull article i wish to share that Black berets ( the private MU under Shiroe s,Cypher s and my command, located in USA at the moment ) have revoked the rule of complete silence. That doesn t mean that people are allowed to say anything they wish ! we still have limitations but article making and shouting is officialy allowed !

Here are some beautiful moments after the free-dom of speech that was given to us tonight !

And last but not least !

I wish everyone to have a good night and week ! The black reaper s mouth has been unlished ! XD

Safer, 2nd Vice Commander of Black Berets



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The black reaper s mouth has been unlished ! Laugh
Hail BB o7
hahahah : )
What s going on? free food? (`0_0`)
Admins help, we are under control of tyrranical ruler!
Speaking its always cool =)
Hahaha, as always i have a special spot when i relay any kind of information
Hail fre .. Laugh
ωχ τους εβγαλαν το φιμωτρο Cheeky