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1st step - Go in the wrong  aliance, and wait to them to be your back!
2nd step - Try to moke with bulgarians.. If you do it you are going to achieve many, many problems with your sleep!
3rd and the worst step is to declear war to Bulgaria. If you do it, you are in very BIG TROUBLE, and noone can save your asses, as you already know, ofc!
Dont worry theres no more steps. Just do this fews and we will going to do what have do be done for your whipping! 

Dont be mad its just a joke, but you know, every joke have a drop of truth. But whre is a whole ocean! 

Best regards to Georgia, we are comming for you!


Ready Too Die

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So the joke - hitler did nothing wrong - have a drop of truth?
Firstly its not truth, secondary we are not hitller
I d laugh but this isn t funny. Noone s afraid of you. There s no way anyone can wipe us, especially you guys xD Lame threat xD
maybe you are not hitler,but you are dumb Smile) Georgia don t declared war to bulgaria,bulgaria declared war to geo Smile) and everyone knows it.
Yah but i remember how u started to cry and curse b4 it. And still you are in trouble and dream nightmares huh :p
1st step - U wanted georgia in the alliance which already has more than 50% land damage of the world, we rejected and now u are siuprised coz u never do same xD 2nd step - idk what are u talking about . . . 3rd step - BG DoWes us, geo was not first anyway and what was the reason? geo made mpp with Brazil lol xD and all about . . . u really don;t have to proud about this campaign, u lost OFC, u lost Bonuses, u did not even touch our capital and now all of bulgarians are sure that u can wipe georgia xD exectl it is your biggest problem, that u think it s too easy to wipe georgia. Dont be mad its just a joke, but you know, every joke have a drop of truth. But whre is a whole ocean!
seriously, I d subscribe just to unsubscribe LOL
ReadyToDie, you are right..,,WHEN,, Promise, I Kill Myself, WHEN Bulgaria will Wipe us ! xD So go for a rope, ill bring you a chandelier Wink