13th Legion Bosnia

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https://i.imgur.com/h1nB7Y2.pngIn my country we are have respect to all mothers! 



God RaAinz

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Hail ACE o7
:ddddddddddddd OH MY GOD Laugh
Damn... thats some hardcore flaming over there Laugh
ACE o7
haris don t argue with kids... you just waste your time
There have been people at the hospital for words like this in rl. Of course the distance of the internet is safety
And here I thought Iraq and Iran were different countries..... *rolling_eyes*
SO LAME AND TRANSPARENT !!!! THE VIDEO YOU HAVE USED IS FROM IRAQ, you can see it in the video, it is subtitled by the video originally !..... learn to read first then try to write !
Sry , its your civilized people
@Saint SGN go cry more and write article that haris use racism
@Harisharko Lol , Buy glasses for your eyes
So many butthurt Iranian bots in the comment section xD
@mac1990 just for the record, ace is a university tutor in iran so he is not a kid Smile he is just a bit rude though xD
Are u think iraQ has IRAN ? :/
Hail ACE o7 If you want I can translate the last one...lolLaugh Why didn t you show your texts???