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Top Mercenary Unit in eRev 1 + 2

First, for those
who don’t know you. Can you introduce yourself, Chris?

Hey, my name is Chris I m from Greece. And I m member of OFC :)

What is your role in OFC? How long you’ve been in OFC?

I m commander of OFC alongside my good friend Chickerino. It was February of 2017 when i joined OFC. OFC was created by AjkeN, Chickerino, and Scripthen - so if you want to blame somebody for recruiting me, blame them.

Follow Up question. Have you ever regretted being a merc?

In erev 1 I joined OFC for a last challenge before I stop the game, then I fell in love with this mu and I stayed there till the end. In erev2 Kenchi and Scripthen messaged me on facebook about the recreation of  OFC so I joined. This mu is the only reason I m playing the game, so you know the answer... ;)

Many players play for their countries, friends, aligned interest. For mercenaries. What are your motivations?

As I said many times in the past, in this game everything is a bunch of pixels there aren t any countries or nations. Many people like to play for their countries, I am one of them, and my country is OFC. You call us mercenaries, OFC is more than that. The core and founding members of OFC never cared about money, most of the times some of us fight with our own supplies in order to win battles. We are excited by winning battles, making our opponents post salty messages, crying about the countries that hired us etc. It s really an awesome feeling to win every battle you want, without having any alliances or countries to set your limits and rules. Money is also an extra of course ...We invested the money we got in the right way and 95% of our members achieved to get the final TG in time, we boosted our economies and we built companies etc. What are some pros and cons of being a Merc? - Well, I said in my previous answer, you fight where you want, you get money by fighting so you boost your economy. We play a game that medals are hard to get, so when you don t need to buy weapons in order to shoot, it s a huge advantage. Also in OFC, we have a great environment, we are a like a big family so our communication on discord makes the game even more interesting.

What has been the highest amount you ve ever been paid for a battle?

It was an OP paid by Brazil, I cant give further info. I will just say that we used 3k more weps from our own supplies as a gift to the client.

Follow up questions. What battle would you say showed OFC at its best?

We had many interesting OPs, I will choose our first big OP and our last one (before I give you the answer xD) . First one is this, it was in the first days of the game,so it was huge one The other one is the most recent OP we had (before i answer), we were -200m on wall, DS Q3 placed. And we achieved to overkill it :D Its a fact now that when you see Chickerino tanking,its sure win for OFC s side. We have never lost a battle that he tanked.

OFC was certainly a lot more involved in WW2. How would you rate OFC influence on the outcome of this war?

OFC was ready to fight every time they called us on WW1, but BG didn t use 100% the force of OFC like Brazil does. We invested thousands of gold as you said in an old article, for long term plans. So right now we have the strongest and most effective squad in the game and we are ready to win every battle we fight. 105 OPs,94 wins, 11 defeats our record so far (21/01/2019).

What are your thoughts on Inglorious Bastards? There hasn t been competition for OFC in the merc field for years. How would you rate them as a rival?

I don t see them as rivals. I m always happy when I see people do what they enjoy most on a game. They liked the mercenary way, and I m sure OFC inspired them to follow this path. We had some differences with their commander fikip , but after their side admitted his mistake, our relations are okay now and I wish them good luck in their plans, I really hope they succeed. Maybe our paths will cross in the future.

Follow Up Question: What has allowed OFC to succeed the last few years especially in eRev2?

Our great coordination, without doubt, our HQ achieved to build a system that no other mu has, and you can see the results. We have a great HQ that works very hard, and we have even better members that make our life easier and we know that we can count on them.

What nation do you have the most respect for in a military sense?

I respect people not nations, and I don t want to start naming them one by one. I will just set an example since you are in USA, Ktab is the USA citizen I respect most. He was my commander in Myrmidons in erev 1, then we worked in many OPs together as OFC-Panzers,i met him in another browser game too (not erev style), and he is without a doubt one of the best leaders on the game, not just on the military part...

Why did you move to Brazil? If not Brazil, What other countries would you have moved to?

The main reason we left Bulgaria and joined Brazil is to offer balance in the game, and that as you saw brought more interesting wars. And OFC members are thirsty for wars. Many countries were interested in us,if we talk about money and the will to find a good financial deal, it would be USA. Since they are one of the 3 strongest countries in economy (BR,USA,BG). If we talk about the countries we like to work with, it would be Ireland. We have great relations with them and I m sure many of our members would like to work with them.

Why should someone join OFC and let s say not a regular National MU or even IB?

Do you want to fight for the most organized mu in the eWorld?Do you want to play without any limits of your country and alliance? Do you want to fight and get profit from it? Do you want to be part of an eFamily? If you want these things^ + you like to win battles more than you like to win gold. Then you should join us....

Last Words?

There isn t a greater thing than winning a battle, sitting on your couch and watching all the salty messages against you and your mu. Your hate makes us stronger,but set some limits because you will start talking about OFC overpower soon if you keep feeding us with your hate... :D

Thanks for the invitation to interview me Ace 3

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