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Interviewing Admin Team

I - Introduction 


My name is PortgasAce - shorten to Ace on Discord. I've played Erev1, eDom, eRep, etc.  I have once again decided to invest my time in these sort of games (Time which I will later regret but that's a discussion for the future). This article, I will be introducing the current Admin Team of eRevollution 2. 

II - Interview 

Who is in the Admin Team?

Sekulla, Tropico, TovarDante

What was the purpose behind making a new server for eRev?

We are learning from our errors, and we would like that you have fun in your favorite game, with more of your ideas and our creativity. We hope that you will remain happy and that we can please you.

Should we expect more servers in the future?

We are not thinking about it now, we are concentrated about those two active servers

Why choose this version of eRev after all you could have made eRev2 with the same feature as the current eRev?

eRevollution server 2 is different from server 1 and it would be different in some game-play. Like you saw in our newspapers, we don't have naval battles, we are not going to introduce equipment in the game, medal system is changed, all medals give 5G, and damage bar for all medals is same(TA/TP/TR), etc ...

Any upcoming updates/changes coming to eRev2?

Ofc, we have planned it for a long time, and we have prepared some new stuff to you, which I hope will make you guys happier, and we can not reveal you updates now. That part you will have to read from Admin NEWS. We mostly concentrate for now to bring more and more people to game in short time, we are promoting our game, and also don't hesitate to contact us if you are promoting on some sites game. We will reward all players who are promoting and trying to make BB with gold, and we will send food and low Q wep to help new players grow. Also, Ambador medal provides you 100G and badge on your profile. TO earn it you need to have 30 Society Builder medals and a minimum of 50 invites.

III - Closing

Although No breaking news information was revealed keep in mind this was just a short interview to introduce the admin team to you. Make sure to subscribe to the admin news for the latest game updates. If I missed your country discord server or one of the links is broken please send me a PM In-game or on Discord.  If you enjoyed reading this article please Vote and Subscribe

IV - eRev2 Discord Servers 

eRevollution -
United States of America -
Spain -
Georgia - 
Taiwan -
Canada -
France -
OFC/Portugal -
Turkey -
Romania -
Poland -
Mexico -



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