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Published in Portugal - Social interactions and entertainment - 09 Oct 2018 14:28 - 9

My name is Neutrino, and this year, I've been really nice. Erev2 is the chance for a new beggining, and that's why all my wishes are directed to this game (well I won't say no to a car and one million euros, i'll give you my paypal in DM if you want)

For erev2, I would like the implementation of ORGs, but not ty ORGs, a new logo so we don't counfound it with erev1, a decent journalistic module, no TC 5 and no overpowered naval battle tactics that killed small countries.

I would like that, since we get to have a limitation of 20 companies, we'd be allowed to evolve our raw companies, and even raise them to greater levels so we could produce more than 500 per factory. I would like a better communication, that we (the players) don't experiment your decisions before having been infomed. I would also like to have some details on IG mechanics in order to make some calculations.

Next, I would also like a graphic with the detail of taxes one country recieve every day, because we don't see sh*t with that actual graphic.

I would like you to remove the Media Mogul medal because s4s is just annoying.

I would like also that you (the admins) award people for their implication in the game, so that you realize that we don't especially play your game for its rudimentary gameplay but for the people who plays it. And finally, I would like that players from erev keep on meeting irl and drink beer together, because it's cool.

Signed, a thirsty guy that doesn't sub back. Except if you are from OFC. Or French. Or both.


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Dear Santa.
omg you are the real marlock ? :o
Nice Article o7
S4s https://www.erev2.com/en/newspaper/359 French and Ofc
J espère que tu vas nous abreuver de bons articles
nice one
Pepsi, you wont sub me? Sad
i can t, you don t have newspaper Sad