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By putting pressure on the core Irish region, we will enable our Swedish brothers to start RWs and free themselves from the ruthless occupator, Brcryce. Long live free Sweden, long live fre.e.dom !!!

Edit: ROFL, game will not allow the word: f.r.e.e.d.o.m. (because it relates to that other game).
Obviously the admins don t like too much f.r.e.e.d.o.m. Long live Admin s AUTOCRACY!!!


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exw sto brelok ta kleidia gia th polh. Diamantia, oxi glitter, mh se berdevei to glowing
What are you on?
@Kobble google term bunika
Hail brislean nobrain
Mate, it is a lie only for you, nobody cares about Sweden, don t try to make anyone swallow that. This pill is a placebo shit, you only want to get rid off eIreland...