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Hail Georgia!! o/
Hail Georgia !!! o7
Keep killing the game...
Good Luck.
Respect your desicion but still disagree o7
Chris, We`re tired of fighting for those who compare us to traitors.
Georgia 4ever!!
I have something to say here. We respect Georgia as a worthy opponent in the battlefields, we enjoyed the battles with them, but we will not carry on the war with a country that is no longer an enemy of our alliance. Therefore, Bulgaria stops all attacks against Georgia, direct or RW, starting now. It is decided. We wish Georgia good luck.
good decision Bulgaria, best of luck Georgia o7
Bulgaria, Georgia o7
@Aveun,didnt expect u to dissapoint me...So much dmg for nothing,at least i hope Georgia repay us...
ChrisGeoRM i thinked that you are out of order now not? Laugh
ნეტაი თქვენ რა
Chris, Try to see a whole picture mate, we fought for months and when we asked for literally one thing, Brazil denied it, tell me why should we fight If our interests aren`t being respected?
Just repay OFC in the next days...Good luck o7
Hail aveun best mofa in georgia
We will, good luck o7
Welcome to TNT Laugh
I see no point in creating an anti-TNT block excluding countries and without trying to solve the problems of the past, to focus on the present and future. As I told you in the negotiations, I respect your decision, although I do not agree. I have deep respect for Georgia, which I consider as an ally and where I have had citizenship for a few weeks. Good luck! o7
Nielton so as we respect you o7
Thank you for such words Nielton, yet I saw no determination from your side, We already were in Alliance with turks, which was a huge mistake, we were not going to make that mistake twice, so you had a choice Alliance with us or Turks and you made your decision, yet thank you for your help in last months and good luck in future o7
Such a polite diplomacy right there. Laugh Good luck Georgia o7
Good luck. As I said before, BR wont choose one or other. There were no comparison, I said, Georgia is an ally to Brazil, on the same way Turkey is. You made your choice, waiting to see the article where Georgia joins TNT. Btw, pay our 3 Q5 DS your gov owns. Thanks.
Gove, Yeah I heard enough, have fun with Turks.
Georgia did great in IM, and turkish / iranian gov is managed by some kids that parents didn t educate about politeness at all.
Yeah Georgia, or even better give back those DSs cause they will need them soon. Thanks.
if for Brazil i am same as Turkey why not to be? lets make asia grey again Laugh
Bulgaria stealing Georgia from Brazil... the things we do for love Laugh
I hate about Neutrality, that s boring bed time story... but good luck
Governador at this point and just to keep the account, so far Brazil owes 350g to USA. 150 first hospital, 200 2nd. 50 more will be added on every one destroyed. Just keep numbers so none claims he didn t know. I do not count DS as they are part of war and used for war.
well u should try to solve problems if u have diplomatic skills and not avoid them! diasgree with this decision! now you re like fish in the ocean! o7
Ariton, there cant be diplomacy where governador is
Georgia o7
Wait OFC fought for Georgia for free? Lol
Loooooolll dont worry they will come back. Everyday they are leaving. Dont take a serious...
u became the red cross to help poor children that starve ! its literaly the red cross flag, the ones that feed the nig-gas in my neighborhood... Georgia --- Nig-ga feeders [ red cross ] new article by me.
Georgia is same as Turkey - That s the biggest BS I have ever heard
aveunma deda moutyna chven saqartvelos eg paqtia Laugh Laugh Laugh
haill georgia 💓💓o7
While the rest of the world goes on defending itself...
Well that escalated quickly
we held a lot stronger Bulgaria for a long period of time Thank you Vergil Laugh
As far i know you, you have nothing to do with Foreign Affairs, neither you know politics, from your point of view everything is like IT IS TRUE/CORRECT BECAUSE I SAID SO So this article or any article where you trying to be smart or reasonable should be consider simply nonsense.
What a joke Laugh best mofa in the history sure
Let s delete Turkey together, Georgia. I m a new player and i want to see that happen 😃
St0l3n, You still are butthurt on Georgians, since they deleted you in Pakistan last game, I don`t really worry about your opinion of my FA or Politics, I have nothing to prove, especially to no name like you Smile
Georgia o7
That s does not surprise me anymore.
LOL @ Georgia delete Pakistan, First you never did anything like that it was just a wild dream of multi makers of Georgia and Mexico Laugh Second yes we lost some region but if everyone remember correctly Georgia never had a balls by declaring war they hire merc to do there task. LOL @ no name i twist every shit around in erev-1 and the fool like you can never reach from where i start thinking Laugh Take a lollypop and lick kido Cheeky
Sorry mate, I have no idea what you are talking about, I don`t even know you, your name tells me nothing, so I really doubt you twisted anything at all, maybe in Pakistan as CP. all I know about you is what Georgian Legend told me when I came back in eRev1 for 2-3 weeks. Also try to not reveal that you got roasted and maybe after that u`ll ever manage to twist anything at all. cya fluffy.
neutral= ibne ?
so Georgians will never fight in any battle?
Everybody is so serious here. Time to leave the game
As i said stupidity on whole another level Laugh do let us know how you guys always find a way to embarrassed yourself this way? Laugh
this article sound more like GEORGIA SHIT IN THEIR PANTS Wink
Only embarrassing thing I see there is you pretending to be someone, it`s almost pathetic, so better quit it mate Sad