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I just love how Brazil is helping this dude out after this.

And yes, if u r wondering, he said that we caused this war. Not him. He also said he will prove it. In an article. With logs. Men in Black sure work fast these days.


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Actually, Brazil is fighting TNT, a super and over power alliance. Nothing against croatian brothers.
yeah Governador.. right...
@Governador, when TnT over power alliance is, why did brasil then wanted to create one alliance with allmost all tnt countries plus georgia????
It was plan of someone who is not in BR gov anymore.
From what we know, it was all Yoda working behind most of Brazil s back. We still don t like USA either. So, again, I don t know what kind of drugs Croatia is on. You guys are weird.
Actually governador TNT is fighting a super and over power VISA. If Brazil is such victim then why don’t you stop invading other countries and defend yourself?
“Yoda working behind Brazil’s back”. Yoda and Celio ARE Brazil. Governador is a completely nobody. They didn’t even give him info about what the gov would do when he was Supreme Commander of IM. There is no “most of Brazil” - the county was built by big visa, is strong because of VISA, so VISA have all the power. The same people who backstabbed you are still in power now- they just picked a new public face to the government. This is how that regime has always worked- the same person is always in charge no matter who is officially CP.
USA has also strong visa, us ais also full of imigrants, invading a lot of now dead countries to keep 3x100 and you dont see that to be wrong at all. Its only bad if others are doing it xD