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Hello readers.

Today I am happy to present to you an interview with 55Chickerino

As you all know, Chickerino is the famous leader of the famous mercenary group that scores famous victories and is famously undefeatable. Fantastic! What else is there (ie, records, deals...) to break?!

If you had been paying attention to the international wall today, you will have spotted claims that OFC has lost only 1.2 battles out of 11400 since the server started. And those 1.2 battles were training battles lost against USA when diesel was using a VISA exploit and strategically and organizationally using his money against Brazil.

I have managed to catch Chickerino just as he was withdrawing from East Anglia (recently freed by the Croatian Army (Hrvatska vojska - learn this term by heart, especially if you are Irish) where OFC had suffered perhaps the biggest defeat since its founding, with many of its soldiers highly demoralized, some even leaving OFC forever.

What makes matters worse, and is heartbreaking, especially having in mind that OFC soldiers have big hearts, is the fact that some of them were left totally broke and financially ruined, and were forced to beg for money on the international wall to be able to establish a little dog of war company of their own. How sad. We love you Christina, hope you start pillaging again soon!
At one point he was almost captured by the marauding Croatian warriors, but luckily for him Chickerino, the Croats have mistaken him for a Spaniard - the Little Chico - thus considering him a neutralized asset. As he was struggling to remember a few Spanish words to enhance his false appearance (after all, he has been away from Spain for so long, ever since the Croatian and Bulgarian navy climbed those last mountain tops held by the Spanish Deconquista units, and forgot his native tounge, especially as his everyday vocabulary usually revolves around the words more gold), I have approached him with a friendly NAP smile, offering some much needed CC to be able to travel without spending a precious golden silver which he did not have.
Lord Marlock: Mr. Chickerino – I have started warily, wondering whether I will be able to catch his interest, disperse his doubt and provoke his intellect – do you surrender?
Mr. Chickerino: Yes.

Thank you for reading this interview. Stay with us for more news from the European battleground

Lord Marlock


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when diesel was using a VISA exploit and strategically and organizationally using his money against Brazil. HAHAHAHAHAH
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Extensive use of language by Chickerino
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