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When we start, the game gives us food, 1 RAW Producer and 1 Food Producer. this gives us from 100 to 200 units of bread Q1 (Depending on your country they are the bonds given)

But what happens if we are those players who connect to hit several times a day and do not want to go buying bread every time.

With 40 gold, you can be self-sustaining.

First of all, we must keep the RAW Producer and the Food Producer that gives us the game.

After this with 10 gold we use them to buy another Food Producer, and once we have it we will raise it to level 2, since at level 2 it will give us 200 Food Q2 which is equialent to 800 Energy

Once having 2 Producers of Food (1Q1 and 1Q2) it is time to get another Producer of RAW for 10 gold, once having this with our daily production (In a country full bonus) we will produce as indicated in the following image:

With these modifications which I tell you, you will get 1200 of energy, which are very good at the time of attack.

Thank you for reading this article, if you want an equal but with the scope of arms do not hesitate to leave your comment.
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