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So after seeing very very dumb people argue that there is balance in this game. I thought I would help and educate some people (not pointing fingers, ktab) on how to do basic math. So let s start with a little background!

Part 1 - Analyzing the Alliances

So, if we look at the first alliance Tactical Network Treaty (TNT). Their members are: Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia, Spain , United States of America, Mexico, and Romania. As per here.

Now 6 of those countries in TNT are in the Top 10. They combine for 15,349,797,502 damage as of today (1/26/19) from eRev2tools.

Axios Mortem (AM) consists of: Ireland, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Albania, Ukraine, Greece, and Latvia.

These 8 countries combine for 2,553,764,520 damage as of today (1/26/19) from eRev2tools. AM has 1 country in the top 10.

Then you have the free world with countries that are in no alliance. They make up 13,470,096,544 damage as of today (1/26/19) from eRev2tools

TNT is attacking Brazil. And they have a member attacking Ireland. So as you can see, this is nowhere even close to being balanced. I will explain the math in the section.

Part 2 - Doing the math

So this is the fun part. I love doing spreadsheets, and I love dealing with numbers. I work in the bank industry, so I deal with this daily and I love it. Now, once I list the numbers and facts they (TNT) will make excuses and lie through their teeth. Let us start!

After doing some easy spreadsheet work, we compare TNT vs Brazil. Because you know, they claim Brazil is so deadly and so dangerous. I also added a few countries to give them a little boost who fight in their battles the most. Still, not even close. 

Part 3 - Aftermath

So, why do people refute the numbers? Why do the lie to themselves and others? Why do they keep saying Brazil is this powerful and dangerous foe that can wipe everyone from the face of the eEarth?
These are a few examples I caught tonight when I came home. 

I think I know the answer to this. I think it is fearmongering and old Cold War tactics. They claim there is balance and they are doing this to stop Brazil from being too powerful. I used to be really be on the fence, and I observed. I realized this game was overpowered fairly quickly. PH (they are the same alliance), was very strong but couldn t organize for shit. You have the damage now. Why can you not win? 

Stop claiming that there is balance, there is not, you are killing the game. Stop using tactics that are from the Cold War that the Soviets used. My family is from a Communist country, largely influenced by the former Soviet Union. Stop using Whataboutism whenever we bring up the damage TNT has. You will always point your fingers and say BUT CELIO and act like the children you are. 

You did not make the game interesting, ktab. You killed it. If you really need all these countries to beat Brazil, then you suck at this game.




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Any homework?
But ktab is a small visa
Lol add the whole AM not just Ireland come on now bris :p
Surprised vote!
Yeah great balance in this game,i cant really understand whats the fun playing with this way.You either have illusions and think game is balanced,or you are just incapable of lead a balanced side.
The most idiotic conclusions I ve ever seen Smile))))))))))
Wow, it is almost like I predicted. Even with facts and numbers are presented against them... They are right still... amazing..
Dmg dealt up to now says nothing, ... push come to shove one player turns up and does a billion dmg (or close to that)... and turns the tide of an important battle, then what?... that s like saying ahhhhhh last 5 numbers of the roulette were red, that means it s more likely for the next one to be black Wink (fyi it s not lol)
@Brisleain It s no use showing what they already know. All TNT / Pantheon countries know they are overpowered. They just pretend do not know this, to try to justify this ridiculous alliance. long u playing that kind of games 100 days?.what happened with 300mil overkills u celebrating for?
Yeah, it s nothing new. It s a very old tactic. The aggressive side will always try to justify their aggression with some sort of moral high ground. Most people see through it
Asmin is the most idiotic comment I could read right now, learn to see the map and all TNT (PH 2.0) has all the damage in their favor and still demand balance, are some people without a drop of blood on their faces to have a face so cynical and lying, that s why the world is full of idiots, who have an idiotic way of thinking.
How about you show how half of top 20 players are in Brazil? How about you show how Brazil has 3x100 bonus meanwhile they are the underdog lol? How about you show how Brazil has all records in damages? How about you go back and read Governador responses and hate vs USA and Bulgaria before TNT was formed? What did you expect lol? That we will sit back and w8 to get owned one by one?Even in your graphs Brazil is more than twice stronger than the first TNT country. So yeah we grouped up to take the bully down and we see later And as Governador said about IM that he disband that huge block after Bulgaria -USA will go down Same goes for us first Brazil will crumble then we see how the world will look after it and reshape stuff
Really? Really? Congrats 10 players. How many players are there in TNT? It comes to a point where sheer numbers and size play a part lol. STOP DENYING.
This is retarded. Celio is 5 times richer than me and bg extension anyone else who plays this game. He pays for OFC out of his own pocket. Brazil is an alliance by itself and does more damage than the top 3 TNT nations combined. If TNT was so OP, then why is Brazil invading USA and not the other way around?
Yes. Celio alone could destroy all of AM by himself and nobody doubts that. Ask yourself why Brazil was so confident that they brazenly ditched you for rubber without concern for their reputation. Ask why there’s a revolving door of presidents, all of whom seem to do the exact same things. Ask your good friend Governador whether he could make decisions without getting overruled. All of Brazil knows that Celio has enough money to destroy entire countries by himself, so they don’t care about their diplomatic reputation and give him the power no matter who is CP in name. If Celios wallet wasn’t as impressive as people say, why is it that Brazil acts the way it does? TNT is fighting a defensive war against Brazil. They could end it by pulling out whenever they wanted. So why don’t they? Because BRAZIL knows the game isn’t imbalanced, and that they are just as strong as TNT alone.
The numbers you took are not representing average damage a country makes per day. Also, there are other factors, which can influence the balance it is not just the amount of damage you spend. For example, how much percent of player damage is from 2click and how much is from the players who follow the instructions. However, this still doesn t excuse the disbalance one rich man can do to the game. Admins really should put a limit of how much things you can buy per day or month. If he stops or is restricted from admins things will change dramatically in the whole game. That it is all about. But nobody is speaking directly.
Keep proving me correct.
We only wish the good of this game, we want Celio to spend more money ingame and keep server alive, Admin happy, and all Iranians/ Turks in Brazil. It s perfect ! 😎
Brisleain please say in which bank are you working so I can avoid using it Wink I m not important factor in decision making in Bulgaria, but this alliance was most probably born out of extremely arrogant behavior of Brazil governors. If I remember correctly you did article about Brazil backstabbing, when they briefly joined PH. Not to mention the offending comments and articles of their governors. That led to looking a lot friends. Several times one player turned the tide of the battles with the help of real money. But even with him without great help of OFC, Brazil is would have been of the defending side of the wars. But that only multiplied the arrogant behavior of Brazil governors and subsequently the extreme negative feelings that people have towards Brazil. And you tell me what happens when group of people / contries have common enemy?
Otherwise I m impressed by the alliance you created. You managed to unite several mid size (by this game standards) countries. Organization was far better than the one in PH. And the results came and PH had a lot of unexpected trouble. So kudos for that. Your aliance got the name of respected challenger, who must NOT be underestimated. At least I have deepest respect. Exactly opposite of my opinion for Brazil governors
And believe me several times I have complained in internal chats about this stupid Croatian-Irish war. Why losing important resources there, when we have much serious challenge with Brazil
Just play the game guys. Being stronger means always accept that you are also a weak one. All is about Organisation. Anyway stop blaming Cellio and just playyyyyy
Good article
My donation is accident oops Laugh
Balance is here o7
Dmg dealt up to now says nothing, ... push come to shove one player turns up and does a billion dmg (or close to that)... and turns the tide of an important battle, then what???????????????????????????
@Brisleain Maybe was better you use Land Power Damage to show the ``balance``.
Balance is here o7
When someone says balance needs to be created artificially, it is the same as picking communism instead of free market. Not gonna work.
can we please shut the fuck up about balance, that word triggers me so hard, everyone cries about it as if the enemy side is obliged to balance the game when its the oposite, there will allways be a stronger and a weaker side, the stronger gets complacent the weaker works harder, and if ppl work instead of crying the game tends to balance itself... crybabies everywere if you are displeased with the current state of afairs of the game work to change it instead of demanding, SJW culture disgusts me
Marcipan keeping it real
didnt read , but there are alot more countrys , ur math sucks because ur not counting all of them ... , do some proper math and maybe i read next time
Good work, Bravo!
Bris when 4 coutry attack UK ? Do you remmember that? Now you speak for balance?
I m going to inform headquarter
well this is sad from some points of view