Shilling for Shillings

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Hi friends,

Many of you have whined the past couple of days that the world is imbalanced.

I would like to take a moment to explain that, even if it is, nobody cares. And further, this is the single worst propaganda argument you can make.

Balance is not something to be desired, but something that happens naturally. We are not living in feng shui world where the manipulation of Qi energies improves your spiritual wellbeing. Balance is the natural law of the world and the game. Look up balance of power - whenever one power becomes too strong, others form a coalition against it. When Bulgaria and USA were too strong, IM was formed against them. Now, when Brazil is too strong, TNT has been formed against it.

This is helped by the fact that strong countries tend to act like assholes. I must take responsibility here as well. When USA was the strongest country in the world, we invaded half a dozen other countries. Now that Brazil is the strongest country in the world due to the addition of OFC, they have backstabbed countless allies and broken every agreement they have made. This is not because they are all bad people, but because the King is always an asshole, and that s why everyone wants him dead.

So what is TNT? The same thing that IM was. A coalition that is formed against a country that has gotten too powerful and because of this no longer feels the need to respect agreements or treat other countries as equals.

But cheering for balance? That s like cheering for the Sun to rise, or cheering for taxes to be collected this year. Balance happens as a natural law of the game and of life. Nobody wants to be dominated. 

However, what people don t understand is that balance is never static. We are not just in our trenches sacrificing thousands of lives and the front line never moves. War tends to be both balanced and mobile at the same time. USA was being gangbanged and losing many regions just a week ago. After some shrewd (some may say evil) diplomacy, now Brazil is being gangbanged. Just a month before that, Pantheon was dominant and wiping everyone.

So balance exists, but it exists as a back and forth.

Now to my final point: whining about balance is the single worst propaganda.

Not only is it like cheering for the Sun - something that always rises - but it s discouraging to your own people.

We can t possibly win, they are too strong!

Could you ever imagine your President in real life saying this in a war? Your CEO saying it about a competitor?

Even in the current war, I have noticed our enemies have hit a lot less once their players started whining about balance. Whining about balance is the same as quitting and spreading defeatism. It also tells the other side you are winning, keep going! You are strong!, and for these reasons is completely idiotic propaganda.

This article is for both sides. Please shut up about balance, for your own good. It is the same as committing suicide.


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FarmVille o7
adopt me and buy me golds
Written by the most dirty player that ever played the game.
USA being ganbanged a weak ago? BR + Indo vs USA BG Romania Serbia Spain Saudi Arabia :thinking:
you already being adopted by celio lol you dont need two sugar daddys bro XD
TNT was not formed to counter BR. Pantheon only change name and add more countries. The goals remain the same: wipe and farm.
Seeing mercs complaining about balance seems like they are not exactly mercs :thinking:
TNT is more than an alliance against Brazil. The countries that participate, do it cause they like the project not because they want to fight against Brazil. The clash with Brazil is natural cause it s the greatest opponent. 4 countries merged into 1. But still Brazil is not the reason TNT was formed. We just like to play together, and as soon as all obstacles removed for tight cooperation between our countries, we will surely have fun in game too. Revenge does not give fun. Revenge gives only hate. And we will have fun o/
A balanced game is better to mercs. Because both sides will hire them Wink
@CSKABG being neutral means that you have close relations with both sides. So you can see how both sides work. I have a lot of reasons that you will never know, to be disgusted by USAs way of playing.
Diesel you *** of *** *****
+1 Nielton
dis artikl top kek
Stop talking about balance diesel, game has perfect balance, perfect balance for USA to have easy life with 3x100 bonuses and to look almight spending some dmg left and right casually winning with as little help as possible from allies. And ktab if you say brazil is 4 countries (while its actually 50 ofc, 20-30 turks and now few left georgians) and they still only have about 45 more total players than USA (which is totally just 1 and only country not in any way similar to brasil about imigrations of mass players) then i really pitty usa allies that follow such leaders so blindly. But hey, what do I know, I am just a brainless merc no idea how anything of this work
@Ktab and you count USA as one country?Or more than one?
I explained you yesterday quite well the 4 countries Dre. Celio, OFC, Brazil, immigrants. If you are blind about one thing, this is why you are blind about. Or just want to ignore this, dunno. The attempt also to degrade me like some filth that usa allies follow blindly, is not flattering for you. You may want do sound pleasant to hatred ears but it s not true at all. I know I am not the best of leader, but certainly better than these on brazilian side that managed to drive all their allies away. Not my fault that they cared only for themselves and their interests
Chris/ luci the policy of USA right from start was open borders, as we are a country of immigrants. Do not judge the number of citizens but the wealth of the country. As by your thought, Georgia is the strongest country in erev. Is it true?
They fact you ignore is that usa resembles brazil so much, give or take that brasil has a higher visa while usa has half the world on its side as a more than enough counter, is what really bothers me. If your allies has no better plan to do and no personal ambitions to reach with their nations well they will just follow the orders, after all its better to win the battles with FF and as little resources as possible as you said some days ago. Its also interesting how much accent you put on how bad brazil leaders are while acting as some sort of saviour of eWorld by using this whole coalition against them. And in the end, I will be right about one thing, USA will have its easy 3x100 with almost no effort in holding it together, as long as you keep the worlds hate on brazil. Hail USA
@Ktab bro ofc i dont judge only the number of citizens,but this counts too.I mean Georgia has so many created accs,but just check how many of them are active or at least 2clicking...In terms of power, USA and Brazil doesnt have so much difference...USA was really strong in the start,i remember Diesel winning battles alone,i didnt complained at that time.Even now USA has you and Diesel as Visas,and Brazil has Celio..Do you want to count OFCs damage as Brazilian?Its a mistake,but even if you count it you will see that its an exaggeration to take by your side 9 countries,make 2-3 countries being neutral and just fight against Brazil (and Ireland?).
Or other way to put it, yea we all hate on brazil, but we will be the one doing it from the comfort of easy max bonuses, dozens of imigrants + a merc unit hosted by our country and half the world in terms of raw dmg as allies, stop us if you can Smile And to be fair this should not concern me at all, I should be compleaty neutral in all this from the political perspective since i play as a merc, except your side keep trying to mock us/mix us with your enemies and provoking us like they are fighiting OFC itself when they win a battle, which is fun for us as it shows some hidden frustrations from their part Laugh Good luck anyway, and dont listen to us haters, follow your dreams.. i wonder if i should start saving money for a tractor
Seems like everyone missed the point. The world isn t perfectly balanced. It never is. But it hurts you the most to complain that it isn t. Maybe I should just start rubbing in everyone s faces how hopeless this war is so you guys give up early?
F balance Laugh
@Diesel, I agree with you, but isn’t this the goal of propaganda ? 😏
Because SJWs always cry before thinking.