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After seeing all the amazing comments left on my article and Diesel s article, I thought I would add a follow-up to discuss all of them. I have to say, some of you are not very smart. I m not sure if you don t understand and lack the comprehension skills, are too dumb to understand, or are just outright lying to fuel your agenda. Most likely it is a mix of all three. So, let us start!

So I will discuss this BIG lie. IM was formed to rival PH, meaning ALL the countries in your alliance. IM wasn t just fighting against Bulgaria and the US. This is the biggest fucking lie I have seen in this game. The second part is halfway correct. You did form TNT to attack and wipe Brazil, but Brazil is clearly not as strong as your ENTIRE alliance. Do I need to post the numbers again? Again? Let you be wrong for a second time? Here, for your sake, I will publish it again.

Yep. There are the numbers. Quit being dumb, and look at that. Call that balance? You re either dumb, not understanding, or a liar. 


Yes, you are right on some of this. Big country act like douches. Although you are a hypocrite on this Diesel. Being the person you are, you kept Scotland and did not hand it over like you did to Ireland. You backstabbed Ireland. Then are surprised when we act the way we do. Not to mention, you then attack two regions that are clearly not in Finland and destroy a Q4 hospital. The agreement was to give gold and a Q5 hospital. None of that has been given. Hypocrite. Trust and honor your agreements in these games are the ONLY currency you have. You go broke on that currency, you are broke forever. 


No. Again, TNT is not the same as IM. Do not dare make that comparison. Look above to my previous arguments above. 


I have been playing these games longer than you have been alive. Anyone who knows me will know I do not tolerate overkills. When I plan my battles, I do my calculations and win.


Weird how I somehow predicted this. Always point at Celio when the talks come to balance. Do you know what I call this?

Personally, I think you are lying. I think TNT has poor organization, but I do not think they are stupid enough to let these battles slip with all the damage they have. Play wounded and claim Brazil is bad man, then rally all your members to gang bang Brazil, and redistribute resources. 

I decided to keep this short because I plan on making another article shortly about this. Facts do not care about your feelings. The facts were presented, you responded with emotion, lies, and excuses. Maybe reconsider your views? Do not be ignorant?

Until next time.




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salt Smile, I love it
TNT is here to save the world from all evil, we will all hold hands and laugh and have fun after that while rivers of honey and milk will flow, wait and see Wink
Facts do no care about your feelings. Do you happen to be a Ben Shapiro fan Brisleain ? Anyway I kindda agree, they pour tons and tons of salt and blame it on Celio s wealth. But hey, has a merc I like this, it makes it more likely to be hired when people start to fart in each other s general direction.
learn how to do math first, then we can talk
Brazil is not as strong as your entirre alliance Is everyone in this game crazy or smth ?xD are we srsly talking about a country being stronger than a whole alliance ?? xD The fact that this country [ Brazil few allies added by Bris ] is as strong as 70% of an allainces damage is crazy as hell by itself xD how can people call TNT unbalanced when Brazil + 2-3 allies are 70% of a whole alliance with the strongest countries of them game. In my opinion balance is a stupid term, war is not about balance but about victory,resources and economic power. Nontheless if 4 countries [ always according to Bris ] match 70% of a whole alliances daamage... then i think this game is unbalanced on the other way of the scale and not TNT
i do not care for all the tales you post here, alliances made and war started. I am interested only in one thing, a matter of honor you posted there, and regarding this, all actions that have to be made, will be done. We will be in contact
I tought you were retiring due to RL... anyway all i see is more complaining and crying. The fact is you failed as a polititian.. you caved in into blind rage and now this is the outcome of your failed politics as a SC. Politics are not conducted with articles they are done in the proper chanels.. i had hope you seen your past mistakes and evolved. Looks like you didnt
Don t worry guys. He ll just change sides again next week and still be talking about honor.
TNT needs new strategy, they have the power but they don t have the strategy
Post your numbers five times if you d like, they are still flawed up to the point of being moot. Seriously all jokes aside which bank do you work in, so I never take my business there Laugh... In addition to that insulting people that don t share your view, ONE HELL OF AN ARGUMENT... well done