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Join Delta Force

Delta Force is recruiting new members! Join the strongest and most active military unit in the game!

Delta Force members get up to 130 weapons daily! 2*50 in OHs + 30 for double work (optional). Also, if you choose to work for free weapons, you get 1 house for free, every week!

For more information contact Delta Force Commander: Drethgar

Delta Force - Armored Division

Delta force has created the first dedicated Armored Division in the game.

As a member of the Armored Division, you are given anywhere between 250 and 1000 Q5 weapons for free, for every major battle.

The only requirement for joining and participating in the Armored Division is:

- 50 Energy Bars in storage, or
- A regular record of buying and re-charging Energy Bars



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We wanta a wall @ the border with Iran ! Will USA pay this?
Join the strongest and most active military unit in the game! 1. OFC 2. OFC
Strongest and most active? :thinking: you said OFC is one country alone,now you change ur words again.Damn
They change statements how they see fit depending on the situation ;3
Δινω πονο, παιρνω χαρα… I love salty people - OFC isn t even close to DF or SOA in activity or strength.
Diesel, check the numbers dude.
If that is true Diesel, and OFC was said to be a country itself, how much coutries is DF then? Laugh And also if Brasil = 4 countries, that makes me wonder how many is USA
Diesel you drunk or something? xD
Why so many ofc members comment here? Hail Delta!
I suggest a military unit tournament to end this discussion and finally agree on OFC is the best of all MU s
Hirohito... you re telling me that if we use up our EBs in one week, we can do more damage than an MU that has more members than us? Brilliant. Dresanu - I did the math. It s exactly 3.2.
Everyone knows the strength power stat is the one that matters, not damage in a single week. You can only punch above your weight if you spend your stocks, so you end up doing less next week. Otherwise, Ireland would be a superpower based on the damage they did this week.
@Diesel .You say most active mu,my mu is 100% active urs isnt even 70%. Also you have 5 times more members than us and less damage.And you talk about EBs?xD you dont wanna see our storages.In the other hand you recruit ppl with EBs only and when they run out of EBs you dont count them as members xD (thats what members of DF told me )
1) do not complaint if at the next article of OFC there will be a pithole of spamming 2) Do not wonder why you work for brazil only and why this will carry on for far too long. Not because they pay (?) you but because you make enemies faster than even they do. Keep on the good work o7
seems like I hit the spot
@Ktab Your side complains about our contracts and who pays them,we dont Wink After your recent behaviour and i talk for your side not for you.I wouldnt accept any kind of offer that comes from you.
Chill out OFC. You wouldn t even be competing with Delta Force if Celio didn t take pity and give you SOA MU. Now sit down
L U C I F E R frankly i wouldn t care even a bit. Your mu your rules your game. Just like i do mine.
OFC gets paid?
So much drama, nice to see the game this alive. Btw, let me see. 1) You already not buying any dmg for a while, with so many allies theres not much enemies left to fight so not needed (logically) 2) Your side try their best to provoke each time we fight against your side like we are your actual enemies 3) You both treaten us with no contracts in future if we defend ourself when provoked and also condamning us for accepting the ones we have already, for fighting who pays us. If its still logical then i might have a problem up there. What would you if you were us? Laugh
Lol DF is not even the best MU in the USA Laugh
@Ace lets talk with facts, SoA was exactly 1.4b ahead of OFC when we merged.Do the moths and tell me if we can compete or not.Also we lost dmg during the merge since some members stayed behind for 1 week. @Ktab im just answering what you said,ofc i will not tell you how ur side works or not.But i cant accept this shity propaganda from USA side. @Diesel whats OFC?
@Kenchi Come on now your seriously gonna try to twist the facts. OFC barely secured Top 3 Spot when Celio Donated SOA.
I love u all my friends, good luck
hey guys, let s half-ass our next OP ; are you high?
@Ace nice memory mate ,you forget faster than you delete your messages Kiss
W8 when did chrisgeo account change hands? cause there is another chrisgeo acc in Ireland now lol You even merc out your own accs lol?
1. OFC 2. DF 3. HV
The money was too good to be turned down Dreth Laugh
o7 DF chill OFC drama queens lol
and whose multi are you now?
Tottaly by in game rules too aye Dresanu?Is it new moto by OFC now? Grow our accs by other ppl gold and then sell it to other ppl for RL cash XD Damn now i think of it this is smart as fuck
@Dreth Πάμε για γκρεπο ,πολύ φασαρία έχει εδώ Laugh
Outstanding move, by the book, i would say Laugh
Re malaka ligmena perneis ?XD exw mperdepsei ta mpoutia mou poulhses h oxi kai an oxi ti paixthke lol
Όχι ακόμα Cheeky
pwpw klaiw kai ti o kwstantinos tha paixei OFC? h tha afhsei ton petraki na kanei koumanto sth ellada XD
Ο Πετράκης είναι άρχοντας Laugh Κάποια μέρα θα σας κατακτήσει όλους
logariazete xoris to jenodoxo Cheeky
Άντε ελάτε μαζί μας να γίνουμε ομάδα,δεν μπορώ να σας έχω από κει Cheeky
Why is OFC riding DF schlongs in this article?
Df o7
Do we see some butthurt here?
I m going to inform headquarter
I don t know man, seems pretty gay to me, man.
Nice. Voted and great payment. Chers
gerači po mome skači
sas fermaroume to stuff