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Hello everyone, I been thinking about how to improve journalism, because we can see how little articles are going on today. I think s4s is not a solution to start journalism, we need something better to launch quality and numbers articles

I think it is necessary to boost the articles with something better, and I came up with the idea of introducing RL money, for example

If people in you recognize a journalist if people want more of your articles where they can laugh, argue, beat each other with comments. I think this is the perfect idea, you need a lot of time for a good article and i think that deserves some kind of reward, this would trigger journalism in some other direction, people would write more and make the articles more interesting.

For me this picture is very sad.


This is just a brief example because I really want better days for journalism.
If you have some other idea how to help journalism please tell us, because journalism is part of a game that can not be endangered.


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not rl money but would be better to support news with gold instead of cc
How about introducing mandatory sub ion to be able to read articles? Ie, if u r not a paid subscriber, u only get to see the title and short de ion of article. How would the sub ion work? Per month or per article - not sure, perhaps a per month sub ion would be better. How much would it cost - I would leave this to journalist to determine themselves. Good initiative, support.
paid subscribes are good idea i think
Support Prcko
nowdays they unsub you if you often write articles xd support for initiative
Im not paying to articles that dont affect my life lol