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Published in Poland - First steps in eRevollution - 10 Oct 2018 00:05 - 42

Dear players,

we are sincerely glad that the comments about newly opened server are so positive. We are at your service for all critics and suggestions regarding the game.

    Moderator applications
We would like to inform you that the applications for moderator position are over, and new moderators are soon going to join us.

    New trailer
We present you a new trailer for the game. Big thanks to the player JedanJediniVG who made an effort to create this video.

    Ambador medal
As many of you are familiar with, we had an Ambador medal on server 1. In order to get that special medal on your profile on server 2, you are supposed to invite 50 players through your referral link, and have at least 30 Society Builder medals (at least 30 people come to the 30th level). Alongside this medal, you will receive 100 gold as a reward.

    Promoting the game and babyboom
If any of you have a Facebook page with over 10k likes, or a YouTube channel with over 5k subscribers, we would like to ask you to contact us on our mail, in order to make an arrangement to advertise our game. Of course, you will be awarded for that.
Also, if you can have some portal of forum publish an article about the game, feel free to contact us. Everyone who has some suggestions about making a baby boom, contact us via mail, and all good suggestions will be supported. Countries which manage to organize  a babyboom by themselves will receive a significant amount of food from us, to help those eBabies’ first steps.

    Translating the game
If you would like to do a translation of the game into your native language, you can contact us on and you will receive a translation file. Some of the languages are currently in process.

    Party and Military Unit
We will not interfere in creating Parties and Military Units. There is already a significant number of already created parties and MUs, and there will be more each day. Congress elections are held on October 15th, so you have plenty of time until 13.10 23:59h to create a party and run for Congress. Congressmen will afterwards be able to elect new Country President.

    Weekly missions, Company ground and API
After the elections (when real battles and wars start), we are planning on creating weekly missions. They won’t be too hard, or too easy. We are sure you will like all the things we are preparing for you.
Regarding the company grounds, as you already know, they are limited to 20 spots. When you fill them, it will show you an option of building another company ground. We will make options to buy the company grounds at some point in the future, but that too will be limited. You will be informed prior to that.
Lots of you asked about API, we are currently working on it and it will soon be in function.

    IP share
We would like to inform everyone that if you share IP address with someone, you are obliged to report it in Support. Whoever doesn’t report share IP will be considered to have a multi account, and is automatically prone to punishment.

For any questions, problems, feedback, feel free to contact us via any of the official channels. You can use them also to inform yourself about news, maintenance schedule, updates and any other info regarding the game.

Sincere regards,
eRevollution Team


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Wow nice video
I would like to translate in French Ps : GPALU
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ne demiş
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JedanJediniVG master, great video.
Create some banners. It s easier to advertising.
@admin i sent request for translate file...check mail
LoL. Norway not have e Visa player - no MU and/or Party for us.
delete companies limit -_-
fix economy!
What complany limit. I dont play on erev1, what limit?
@cyborg, you can build maximum of 20 companies total. Read first admin article.
I will help in translation Smile
add female players
female players are fake news
La 20 sirket ile ne yapilabilirki anasini aglattiniz başlamadan
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add female players x2
Admin, placed in the market: houses, weapons and food... o7