The War Cry

Published in United States of America - Financial analysis - 4 years ago - 30  Missions statistics
Day 120 - Missions ended

Many of you expected and requested this article so here it is. 
Missions are over and overall there is few more players that completed them since I wrote last article. 
I won t discuss this time was it worth it or no, or was it doable by players that don t use visa, I ll just drop you stats.
Here is A list of players and sorry for watermark :d


RadovljeDreamkiller1514AdminLordMarlockNieltonHarisharkoG u r i nGod RaeVokasiSA soldierMotoHan AsparuhIgnis17AlcekKosingasmiskeGarikTankGarikTankHatsune MikuHatsune Mikublackli0n

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Saudi Arabia strong o7
HV o7
cool Laugh
Good work!
Have Nielton, have vote.
Good work!
V+S+ endorse Laugh Nice article,but i am not in Cro Cheeky
OFC stronk
OFC stronk
OFC power o7
OFC Stronk
can you use more different color in the bar chart lol
@hungrykevin ain t nobody got time for that :d
I left only one gold mission: make 3000 hits in one battle. And I don t see reason to complete it.
Good job for the article. But i just check few names randomly by lower lvls and all of them was with stars (premium players). So i just want to send regards to admins and their moms. Bcs its not relevant to make missions where you have to spend real cash to pass em and say ,,its a free game,,! Even thay fight to convince everyone that its possible to pass em by playing just to ruin everyone on lower lvl and not premium players. So its sux BR
uspio si ih i ti završit Laugh
DGacev i have 0 starts and i complete missions easy :-)
same here =)
The start on my profile is for TG q5 and not other buy of Gold, the missions give items for wasted in next missions is easy but need be more active in game
Xaxa lol im 24/7 active so dont say it.. I spend all i have to pass em but they was missions for more than 4 days by mission even in the bonus period so its sux
i spend around 100 gold to reach the third fase for me it was a failure
Very successful colors on your barchart. Next time use shades of grey, why not.
The missions were pay to pass, thats why i did only the easyest ones.
Truth is the mission was a waste of money I did it only for fun and for the profile reward. In fact people completed mission have lost more than earning.