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@Gayachi, did i said Brazilian cc? You see our mu isnt a state mu,we have deals with other countries too. Talk with facts next time. See ya when you be top mu of ur country Laugh
Of course OFC is a state MU. Celio owns you. Laugh
Beef BF- OFC
Keep doing ur propaganda. Low level people doing that,when others talk with actions
C-OFC [ Celio s Order From CHaos ] Laugh
I d comment something witty, but it d be pointless really....
hahahahhahahahahahha Laugh
Safer Bad joke dude its better [order from celio - OFC]
@Kenchi i am supporting your opinion. OFC o7!
Butthurt lvl 1000 Smile
BE AWARE- If kenchi doesnt like your comment he will report it to admins!
We can work in any country we want. Better look at your bonuses Smile
Complex level 10000000
Stvarno ste naporni ... jebo vas hljeb
Chill boys
Friendship - Delta Force Interest - OFC
5x1 loser
Stockholm syndrome
My god never seen so much salt. It’s not the first time OFC have agreement with some countries to have cheap CC for low CC. When we were in PT, we had a deal with Bulgaria about CC to produce there. Before shitposting get your information right. You were once respected players, but more i see some of you in erev2, more you turn out to be crybabies.
@Orignal hahahaha
@OrignalQc no you are wrong, OFC is Portuguese mu Laugh
I dont get any cheap cc