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Date: 3/2/2019
Author: Safer
Today s Topics:
1. Cabinet
2. Future Plans
3. Recruitment


Here is the official cabinet of the USA

President: Safer

Prime Minister: Ktab

Minister of Defence: Drethgar

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ace
Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs: Diesel

Minister of Education: Gerachi

Governor: Satanas
Deputy: JedanJedini


USA is a very versatile and strong country, it has proven its worth many times in the past and I plan along with my fellow co-workers to continue our success story. My first and more important objective is to overcome the 2nd world war as the victors and usher in a strong new era in the game not only for our country but for allies too..

My second plan is to revitalize our economy by stabilizing bonuses and passing market reforms alongside my Minister of Economy Satanas. With the assistance of my cabinet we will make United States once again the trade center of the world.

Last but not least, We will reform the way our MU fight. Each unit is currently its own entity I plan to create a more unified style of fighting by having all US Military Units perform training operations in effort to improve coordination and organization. We plan to boost OH attendance by increasing supplies. This in turn means more investment from the government side. As soon as I am elected I’ll discuss with my Econ team to draft a spending bill that will not only foster economic prosperity but in turn improve our military capabilities


Here in the USA, we can always need new, active citizens. So if you re interested in becoming a US citizen, or looking for a new country to move to, please consider joining the USA. We have a fast-growing economy, strong and active players, and a fun environment for many to enjoy! So please contact any one of our cabinet members above, and join our Discord channel if you re interested!

Kind Regards,
Presidential Candidate of USA


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I see Diesel,i dont vote Laugh
Make some good job boys Smile
Good luck my hellenic friend !
Safer na tri planeti!
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Goodluck o7
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Do you have a single native American over there?
Good luck.
thank you everyone, and yes @mistiko we do Laugh
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Good luck.. o7
good luck Kiss
Hail Sacer!
@safer name 3 Laugh
mistiko do you have any problem?
Ace Centomaxx Diesel here you are 3 i can name ya 10 more if ya need
σιγα που θα δωσοουμε λογαριασμο στο μπαγλαμα ρε συ
Gl sufer ♥
GL love you ♥♥
Safer gaining the place he deserves. Good luck man!
@damachen , @Blackfury , @Vergil Cheeky thank you so much :heart:
Good luck!
Good luck
Diesel isn t an American tho
@Bris why you even comment this? Oh yap br guys told ya, forgot that you are their Dobby Wink
good luck, time to see how much you learned in the past few months Cheeky
best of luck my friend
thank you all ! @marcelo where have you been man... xD
good luck amigo Smile
Good luck!
Same guys same plans Laugh
Thank you @Alcek , @Fikip . @Guepo if their plan was victory and steadyness in economy then yes, we have the same plan it seems Laugh
Diesel = no vote . good luck dude Kiss
Vote - good luck Safer o7
Mod drektar moe geyachi hvala dovidenja
Good luck Safer. Inkietud máxima for you.
Having dreth in gov omegalul
@Aenfear , the blind emperor is back ! xD