The Seven Seas

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eRev After USA vs Br war

Hands down the game is dying

USA v Br war the only thing really keeping the ball rolling

Admins earned so much profit in this World War can t some of that money be used for advertisement or smthn 

RIP eRevollution 2

Hopefully, things change in Server 3



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first. .Laugh
RIP eRevollution 2
i m not looking for third version, it will be end of the line.
we re not playing anymore just waiting for a better game to pop up. Never again with same admin team in similar game.
No update .. nothing. Sad to see that admins dont give a f*ck about their own game as long as visa will invest in game
There are 100 such games and in 101 of them people are constantly whining and complaining. Then someone gets really pissed, makes a new game, attracts some users and they start complaining ASAP. We ve seen that already, just stop playing if you don t want to continue.
@DankSavage Incorrect mate this team been pumping out the most eRe.p copies so we don’t have much of an option in choosing where to go. Team just sux so bad 😑😒
team become more and more greedy this is why something really new is necessary. Hopefully soon, else all gamers of the kind will abandon this.
Money Money Money always the same
If you are unhappy. You can leave! The same cry everyday. You can play games without money as fifa dota and much more options.
Rip E-Dom
Go back to er*p, its proven!
RIP eRevollution 2