Golden Lilium of Saudia

Published in Saudi Arabia - Warfare analysis - 11 Feb 2019 12:33 - 38

Hi, this is article about our war with Iran, this is article about real "Sand storm"!
Now we have new government, we have new president Lokomotiva Miricina, new MoFA "myself", new comanders Harisharko, Benito and covece. In first Saudi-Iranian war, Iran DoW Saudi Arabia and we destroy them in one battle, and they apologize for DoW us. Our old government accept apology and make peace. 
But new government after few days decide to get revenge for first war and DoW Iran.
And the first battle was great. We attack Hormozgan, and we won.

After this battle we attack Iran capital Esfahan. And that was a big victory. What is so important for this win? Iran lost they DS and hospital!

Iran try to get back they territory, but, gues what, we won again!
I want to use this article to call YOU to join us, get SA cs and be sheikh! Fun and actions on our Discord channel every day!
That is it for now. Vote!



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Hail Saudi Aarabia o7
Good luck Smile)
Hail SA o7
SA o7
Hail SA o7
SA o7
Nice damage by SA
Nice damage and coordination. Keep up the good work and good luck o7
Hail SA o7
Hail SA 💪
gg SA o7
This is a game and facing the defeat is one part of that, and it is totally normal ! but there is something that i can t understand, every one know that you are not SA players ! and you are from Bosnial, and it is totally OK to be from other country and playing in other citizenship and country, its fine, but why you have lost your origial identity ?i also played in USA and Brazil, i have changed my MU avatar but i never used USA / Brazil flag as my avatar, i respect them and it was an honor for me the be accepted as their citizen even in the game, but i also have personality and even though i had citizenship from their country, i was still a Persian ! but you are changing your identity and introducing yourself as SA, when you are from Bosnia !!! have value for you beloved country and don t loose your identity !
You are nothing know from SA ! SA players from Macedonia, Serbia , Bosnia and some more Country!
Nice guys... Keep up.. O7
This little moron SAINT SGN think he alwys know everything
Saint SGN, we have players from Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, etc... Hail SA, Hail BoS!
Hail SA... hail MB
So what! You are more than one nation; it is not changing anything about my argument! I’m saying you have nationality and personality, don’t lose it, where ever you are from, don t forget it! even when you say we are from more than one country, that help with my argue, ( P.S @Salah ad Din Yusuf, everyone see you are hateful person, just stop crying please ! when you don t have logic and argument to defend your thoughts, you can t jump on others text and speaking and using some OFFENSIVE words to show you exist ! something it’s better to stay quiet and learn!! mind is like a closed box, when you speak you show the inside of the box ! until its closed it can be full of possibilities being smart being kind being good, but as soon as you speak everyone see inside of the box, and trust me we have seen inside your box and it was not pretty! try to gain some respect !)
Saint ... what is this ? Its a game ! What have this game wirh my nationalary? Nothing... btw i am muslim and i can use SA flag ! That you have Problem in RL with SA , that is not my problem.... goe cry to ayatolas
Saint your are still one little Iranian fagot.I dont even read a shit that you write.Just live this game
I can only say that Ace cant have Doha Smile
fantastic culture you have @Salah
saint na aparatima :d
@Harisharko, i have SA friend right now in real life! He is my college at. University, i also have tons of other friend from other nations, I m not saying being from other countries like Bosnia, DE, ... And playing in SA is bad, and you religion is respected by me, what ever it is, (I m Muslim too). I m saying you have your own identity, but you have lost it over a game, I m saying. a proud German or Bosnian or what ever, but don t lose yourself over a game, day I m German or ... Who play as SA citizen on the game, do not lose your spine... ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Still Salah ad Din showing how logical and closed minded he is, by not even hearing others.
SA o7
Salah ad Din is litteraly the worst person I’ve ever seen, Saint. Just ignore this brainless human being
the title says that SA is nothing but sand?
You are even worse Loserios
AeonFluX sand will cover all our enemies. Hail SA! Hail BoS!
Njabs from SA o/
Aeon you are next .. haha
Hej moj Aeone kad ti prdnem ima da ti pustinjskik pjesak poklopi zemlju Smile