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How should Sweden attract new citizens and improve economy?
By MrFrog

Population growth is a very important aspect of will a country succeed or will it not succeed. It makes the economy grow and markets alive. Higher lation also means more potential workers.

I have seen lation of Sweden grow a bit lately, but did they just come with new land area or are they brand new citizens. I don't know that but what I know is that they play an important role in our economy.
In my opinion one of our biggest problems is a sleepy marketplace, and three main ways to wake it up a bit are:
a) lation growth
b) lation getting richer
c) attracting people all over the world to travel here literally just to buy some bread

The growth of lation has two ways:
a) newbies starting in Sweden
b) immigration

The last one is more productive than the first one I think. But what do we need to make people wanna come to Sweden. For that we need a strong and healthy economy; to keep the taxes low; great standard of life; to be able to defend ourselves and most importantly a fun community.

I think that these might be the main factors to attract new citizens.

And if we keep growing and expanding we might be one of the most attractive and powerful country in the world.

What do you think? Do you agree or you oppose? Share your thoughts in the comments section :) 


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