Inkietud máxima

Published in Iran - First steps in eRevollution - 13 Feb 2019 14:12 - 27


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akbar o7
Jajajaja buenisimo sosio
Hahah great
hahahaha o/
Hilarious xD
USA s puppets
Rofl. Better wiped than puppet
USA´s puppets x2
Lols, said the Brazil s puppets xD
Celio s puppets* Gold gold gold gold 90% of brazil are like cheap golddiggers in the game 😂😂😂
Gold diggers with 4 stars,yeah seems right
España se esta buscando otro borrado, de esa vez, de forma permanente.
Good humor
Lel, said the man who told he will abstain from poltcs.
@Petros2 said the man that managed to make the Greek treasury dissapear Laugh
Ti ekana xD mallon h katalaves la8os h den boreis to ekfraseis.
Ireland got backstabbed by Brazil 3 times. I think that’s a new record. I’m impressed more than anything.
Go back to your cave @Diesel ,we didnt miss your absence Laugh
i like this
Chris they are USA puppets better than be celio beach
PT was used by USA too, in the start of the server, so I know the feeling. It s better to be in a beach
Shame again For the Iran team
Priorities.. now, please explain to our audience how pt that you abandoned was used by USA the same time that pantheon sc was actually from pt. It will be interesting to know..