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Hi guys, 

As a fellow who has a long distance relationship, I want to share some tips on how to spend your valentine day. P.s its work for a single man too~


1. shut all your social media, except erevollution 2, close all your social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, snap chat etc.. Otherwise, trust me, u just killing yourself man, I don t want that happen to you.

2. If you work, after work, straight go back your home, man... every cafe, restaurant even bar has booked by couples man..  just go home and watch Netflix or sleep maybe? 

3. if u are in a long distance relationship, watch a movie together, after work, prepare some snacks or drinks, and video calls her, and you can watch a movie together with her on laptop or pc. OHYA, prevent yourself to watch any romantic movie, the best genre movie that I can suggest is a HORROR movie!

4. hang out with friends who are single, you guys can go karaoke or just chill at one of your houses, play PS4, XBOX and so on!

anyway, please don t curse this valentine day like praying for raining, snowing, thunderstorm or etc.. one day.. believe me, one day you will enjoy valentine day too!





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