La Vampirología

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Ladies and gentlemen:

Many of us came to eRev2 fleeing the excessive greed on the part of administrations that wanted to earn money over anything else, including their players own experience. We are currently going through an absurd war against Brazil and its allies. And it is absurd because 50% of the damage they do is born of mercenaries and VISA. It is absurd because we fight against the pockets of 4 players. Being honest, winning or losing is part of the game, but this war shows a P2W that makes it clear that they can afford to endure this situation until we simply get bored.

What is the point of surrendering or accepting a NAP now, when all our efforts have demonstrated the unlimited power that this game offers to those who have unlimited VISA? The administration announced changes that were positive for the community as a whole, but they have not spent 24 hours and rectified under the pressures of the 4 VISAS that keep this business profitable.
Tovar during the war TNT vs ExCELIOs.

It is not about interfering in the current course of the war, it is about setting limits to the P2W s worth, it is about putting limits to the decline of the countries that are abandoned en masse to be recruited by mercenary militias, it is about offer a real gaming experience where the interference of the VISA is regulated. Without a doubt, Brazil has shown that it will never lose a single battle as long as the complicity of the administration supports its VISA. And to play like that, let them play alone.

Having said that, I, Zakk Bloodworth, as SC of TNT and under the unanimous support of all its members, I announce to give up in our fight against Brazil... to initiate it against the administration. From the respect, show our indignation and not feed this game until they decide to put end to P2W. In these two weeks, what has not been spent in the beginning will have been spent on VISA. The administration has benefited enough from this war, and it s time to quench that thirst if they intend to continue to get long-term eRev2 benefits.

Finally, because our criticism is constructive, we attach a series of claims that we make as consumers of this idle product that is eRev2 in favor of a pleasant and fun experience for all:

1. Cooldown of 10 days when you buy enery bars from the store.
2. Limit the energy bars consumption to 400 per week.
3. Cap gold transactions like 10G per player daily, 10G in sum, give or take. Only governors may handle money of bigger amount adding their ID in donations law.

We ask all citizens to remain faithful to the decision of their governments and to cooperate in this protest that aims to put an end to the P2W, the mercenaries and the destruction of the countries.

Together we stand, together we fall.


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Signed o7
Cant get lower?
What a joke ,no wonder why you failed... You want mercenaries out of the game,its like you are asking to remove politicians from the game. Its shame that you cant buy brain from store,i would have donate you a pack Laugh
o7 ///
dont worry guys VISA isnot unlimet Laugh Laugh o7
when you are brasilian narco and have a lot of money to spend for games its umlimited Laugh
This is surrender and useless 😬
The most stupid article ever
I told few days ago the difference between both types if players are that first type play to win, and second pay to win. And now says weak players wtf small brins ;x
Keep refusing to talk. This just shows that you do not care about the game. You do not want a healthy and balanced game. You just want to keep dominating and destroying all enemies without any resistance. As I said we are and we remain open to dialogue. Good luck! o7
Two clicking as well.Good luck everybody.Twas a nice run.
limiting consumption? thats bad, limiting gold? how are you gona buy big amounts of supplies? or a housepack how are players gona loan gold? comunes work on gold salaries, a big employer pays more then 10g a day, ED cooldown is fair, all others are just not viable
o7 End of VISA vs GAMERS !
1. 7 day is enough - you gave no reason why 10, so... 2. Pointless due to the rule stated above. 3. Ridicilous, you would kill the trading with this. Again, you have given no reasons why this. All in all, bad propositions Smile
Serbia signed
This is the end of erev2. Greedy Admins
All points are reasonable. 10 days: 3 times a month. Almost every customer can be competitive and administration have a good income. 7 days is almost 300€ monthly again very few people will be able to follow. Cap on end consumption up to 400 weekly. Let s say that I have infinite money to spend and i buy 10k eds before cooldown implements. You may stick your cooldown deep in your... cap on gold donation. Limits account boosting, multy gold exploiting, will enforce local markets and country income, will enforce currency trading. Will make economic module live again.
Stop crying
A lot of talks in articles, no explanations. No wishes to talk out. I see only crying.
I agree with you for CD. But your ideas at the end are very bad in my opinion.
2. Limit the energy bars consumption to 400 per week. 3. Cap gold transactions like 10G per player daily, 10G in sum, give or take. Only governors may handle money of bigger amount adding their ID in donations law. Ti lud?šta places mora i admin šta zaraditi Smile nabavi i ti visu Smile
shiet article
shiet player
those are the worst ideas i ever heard for a game bravo mate you just made me want to quit the game if those changes are ever implemented Laugh