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Credit to pavelcho for inspiring me.
Post links of every battle chronologicaly where celio tanked 500m+ for proof and my own satisfaction. Smile
thanks man i feel special now Laugh
o7 Was a funny one tbh hahah
Gergita dont take it so literally Wink
Good meme o7
good stuff, lol Laugh
Golden !!! o/
Laugh nice article , if you like it I accept donations, I dont have visa, and for real I don t have money to buy food in real life, so I dont have money for games Laugh , if I was brasilian narco maybe I will spend a little bit but ...
@Cypher it is not every single battle for Brasil for Celio to tank.... just some of them... That was my point. o7
Hahahah this is good
Lool Laugh
@Kirito and what about BOT( ) that is controlling your acc and sharing supplies and gold? As I know s are forbidden....
hahahaaha 😉😉😉😉
Usa organization: DIESEL And KTAB, we need 500m Damage ok? Jajajaja. Cypher you are a joke 😂 to much excuses to explain your bad results......
Zaraki, ne kaki.