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Greetings my dear players,

Many of you know me under other nick and that will be Shiroe. Those who played erev 1 and other game know who I am, those who didnt i am Lord Shiroe, master of ultimatums, dictator, shadow player etc etc for this 10 years of my playing this kind of games i rise from unknown soldier from first game to the i can say one of legendary players in this kind of games.So to skip to my point of this article:

After 133 days of my playing this game sadly i didnt find it attractive enough to continue playing. My friends, enemies ppl i love and ppl i hate doesnt count in this. From all games of this type i play before this is top one pay to win and i cant stand it. Game where 2-3 big players come and decide battle of their own kills every point of strategy and tactic, diplomacy and shadow play and those 4 are my favorite play stile in this games. A lil light of hope came with latest admin article i saw it in morning before i went on job and imagine with few calls from visa players to the admins that decision was magically changed in few hours so i said fck it this little free time i have will use for something smarter.

 So on the end i wont mention my dear old friends, no that is not right, my brothers with who i shared many years. This time i will mention ppl who i meet first time and who stole my hearth so maybe some next game i will gather you all with me so we can own game as always when i am serious ( ego boost ).

1) JedanJedini  in him i found loyal and hard working friend so some other game i will make sure to get you out of shadows and make you shine in this game till your nick dont echo through whole game world. It will be my honor and pleasure to play with you again.

2) Safer for him i first though he is stalker because his first msg-s was like i know about you i researched you so i was like wtf is going on ahahaha later when i get to know him better i found out that he is one of most honorable players i ever meet in this games so next one we will play together for sure.

3) Brotherhood of Steel in this short time i got to know this crazy mofos time spent with you guys was full of laugh and crazy shit so next time we meet each other we will do some crazy things for sure.

4) Georgian Commando i did have honor to personally help them make unit, made them organization and equipped with tools required for MU and very quickly they become one of most scary units in game, hope so in future we will play together again. 

So on end first i want to say forgive me if i insulted someone or was rude, second see ya all in some other game and stay cool ! 




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Podrska druze ! Nadam se da ces se nekako pr islit
Nice player leaving game... good luck o7
De ti napisi na nasem, ne da mi se transletovat Smile inace dobijas bolesnih slika Harke :p
farewell bro, was nice to have you there, one day we`ll still play together o7
ne smem s tobom kume čelave ti gume :/
Hail Shiroe! O/
Was nice to playing with you bro! o7
speechless Sad
Lord Shiroe xD sad kase nisam usro, pa ko te tako zvao sabane mawi xD
Hvala na svemu momak, ne bi ovo bilo toliko zanimljivo da nije bilo tebe. Velika cast biti ucen od strane tebe, kao I velika cast poznavati te. Igracemo mi jos mnogo ovakvih igara o/
Hail Shiroe !!! #ProtestOnVisa . We will meet again o/
ill allways remember you when i look in the mirror and i see my bald head o7
o7 viđećemo se mi ope Smile
Sretno dalje njabe o7
vidimo se na nekom drugom serveru
good luck my old friend we have been sometimes rival sometimes working together but I always admired your leadership skills even though I didnt like some of them maybe too harsh for my play style but without doubt with you leaving game , this game will lose one of its most valuable assets farewell and hope to see in other better places
You will always be Lord Shiroe the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnKhsTXoKCI Laugh o7
shit : (
Sretno u RL njabe Laugh Nemoj zaboravit dobrog starog Seretona Laugh o7
dobro kažeš Wink
o7 brate
Sve najbolje u RL o7
Farewell. I m almost out of this too.
I m useless!!! Bb Wink
good luck
love you shiro ♥♥
Shiroe Nooooooo Crying
Hail shiroe see u for sure
Ok, I forgive you.
Waitin for you in 2
Loser shiroe good choice..olo
Totally agree with pay to win!!! I m thinking to leave this game to, it s time to prevent them the joy of win only because they have bought their way!!!!
Siempre te corres, arrugador
Waiting text for me