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All of us already know there is a issue with the lack of rules in game.The game losed  interest when sides become  only two. There is a big alliance (TNT) on the first side, and smaller one (Brasil and friends) on the other, with many VISA players. In first aliance players plays for their countries no matter what are the countrys bonuses. However in other side all players from ally countries gathered in Brasil, because of bonuses and some VISA players, who spend much money in game to reach these bonuses. There become a huge war between both unions, but except VISA power, Brasils started to use BOTs to open battles. Ofcorse ADMINS close their eyes, because they are hungry for money, so now they are looking like that: 
http://tpe-argent-et-pouvoir.e-monsite.com/medias/album/les-3-singes.jpgSo they choosed to stay passive in situation, and ruin the game when some players set bot to play instead them and pay 3€ per RW and play their game.. Ohh sorry i mean PAY! And even if they have to play in some battle, they can fight limitless. When one normal player have to wait 5 hours for 500 energy, or if he already safe his energy bars from DO's from first day till now he would have almost 13 000 energy, NOW. Im pretty sure that some of ADMINS even help to players, or sides by spectating the other side and etc!
So im asking to admins, why they are bribable as shit, and wht they didnt want to set any limits to VISA players?! And not at least why dafaq you are allowed to play the game. WTF?!?!?!! I dont care if you ban me i already found another game. And just want you to know that game become boring with all these venal changes. You are making SUUUX events, and boost VISA bonuses. Okay np i dont blame you, its normal, the game is made to make money. So stay and use these 10-20 ATM's likr CELIO and company and be 
glad.  So say whatever you want or stay silence i dont care, the game become sux for normal players! And if you want to get fun as a player, you have to spend real. If you dont you are just 2click player. 
http://www.quotehd.com/imagequotes/authors44/knute-nelson-politician-quote-i-know-that-money-speaks-more-loudly.jpgJust to be clear, i dont cry for balance between both sides in this war or idk. Its about using fckin bots, helping by admins and lack of limits for visa players. So if you want to play a good game do not allow to admins to play the game. If you want to be admin - be admin, not player, admin and emergency for those who pay. Ban players who using bots. And make a fckin limits for visa players! 



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Yeah my eng is far from perfect but you will understand what i mean
It is good enough and you are right Wink
do you have proff for that ? i can say you buy gold in discrod for money and request admin to do something about it but do i have the proff ?
For weeks we have denounced the use of bot by Ktab 5 STARS, and the administrator did not deign to respond to us...................... A GAME CREATED BY A BALKANIC FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE BALKANS
For far too long Big gil and his gang of cheaters use bot for even the simplest works to do like weapons distribution, opening rws ect. But since they pay they got immunity. And he dares to speak for bots. One of the most untrustworthy, deceiving, and inefficient players of this game
BIG GIL we need all to stop use bots. Not just one of the sides. This is what we ask for. a real balance will be when all sides do not use unfair methods to win or gain an advantage.
Brazil started to use Bot? Really? or did not you notice the servers lagging when the ktab opened the RWs?
kBOT was the one who started
I dont know who exactly use bot. I see how somoene starts many rws in same second. It cannot be organizatiotn. Honestly - same second?! And the other thing of limittles VISA rights. Okay its normal to creat game for profits mainly by premium players, but if you want to be a good game you have to manage this, to be relevant and for normal players, who are more than 90% in game. M I right?! So if someone have to spectate for this shtz it have to be unallowed to play the game. Because if he is allowed he would chose a side and will help em like now. There are known many things of admins actions, so this arcticle is mainly for them, not for normal players. Of you do what is allowed. Its not your fault the lack of rules in game and negligence of admins!
Yusuke Urameshi and BIG GIL.. the 2 real scientists of erev2, they have taken f logic into another level.
I think thay take drugs from anither lvl... Laugh
ktab....the God of erev2. he is the only right, the others are idiots...or puppets
It doesnt matters if he is right or not.. But its true..most of u are idiots! Laugh