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After hours of trolling each other with weird claims and fighting in the chat for the yolo.

And some more back and forth from members of BB supporting their commander.

Peace,ceasfire and truce negotiations were successfull after both sides admiting their mistakes. 


1) Safer and BB supporters of him wont troll more for 72 hours
2) Danider and his supporters won t troll for 72 hours
3) Danider has to say something that Safer decides to the treaty to activate.

With all the terms fullfiled finaly, peace will come again to BB... 


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Comments (17)

Signed by safer, master troll and commander of BB
Trolllll lolll xD
Signed by danider, lonely man that desires to be wife of CelioMG
Hahaha o7 Hail Safer, Hail BB, Hail Bald Emperor Dani o7
danider have autism, confirmed
Danider and CelioMG, nor will the force of time destroy. True love
Danider and CelioMG, not even the force of time destroy. True love xD
I see my name in the last picture - i upvote
A lovely couple I may say ... Smile May you make bald children so you can encrypt the BB logo on them..
*Homo intensifies*
No homo i guess
They gave the example - MAKE LOVE NOT WAR Laugh
i want to be the best man please