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Author,publisher and negotiator : Safer
Excelsior negotiators : IsaakShirko  Nielton
Article editor creation : ChrisGeoRM

After terms about regions have been fullfiled, the countdown of the NAP officialy starts from today at day 148 and ends at day 168 ( with exception of Peru-USA term 7 ).


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Comments (48)

Signed by vSC of TNT, safer
Signed by Commander of OFC
Signed by SC of Excelsior, IsaakSirko
Nema na Srbskom, nema vote.
L Espagne doit payer le loyer à la France pour l Aquitaine.
Does it matter? RIP eRev
OFC any given country
Rip erev
lol looks like only SA takes full benefit from this war stupid nap on those terms in favor of SA if i was cp of iran i would never agree to that
It s 4 month s game and u said R.I.P. ? Come on guys your life is completely wasted..
Signed by CP of Saudi Arabia
wtf, half of the players will leave
Stupid decision. All i see is OFC securing their future profits. Im dissapointed.
Signed by Mod of Mexico.
signed by sweden xD
@agent mehdi ! Go back to iran and brake the NAP !
Signed by CP of Spain
Game of NAPs
Signed For México
Other NAP for the eWorld
Signed by eGeorgian President.
ok, wwe finished
#Puke disgusting NAP We should have kept war till they run out of visa money we had nothing to lose And putting countries like Mexico in this Nap lol XD they changed sides and attacked their former ally few days after they changed side They should be wiped for it and it will be done soon
Signed by vCP, MD and MoFA of Brazil o7
Singed by UCHAIA o7
Farming mode ON
Signed by México s MoFA o7
@Harisharko i am not as noob as you are xD i dont care about iran or any other country, it is none of my business what they do, they already have signed a couple stupid naps before and now they do the same, so be it Wink
I am here just for farming NAP
Only Iran lost the core region Sad
shame, really shame
@HaakHaak, not only Iran, Russia, Ireland, Korea, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and many more lost thee core Regions. One thing which i didnt get from this NAP why they are making decisions for small countries i understand about dead countries which no political and military infra, but why small countries they have every right to say for themselves. THIS IS NOT COOL AGREEMENT.
Aaand Farmville begins ,3333
So now disband TNT
Yeah agent mehdi you are care only about your ass... we know !
@Polar, no. Thats 20 days to let other countries that arent in TNT ,farm for last time Laugh
As an old French CP, I MUST remember to Spain to pay France for the rent of Aquitaine.
Iran dont deserve to have any regions.Keep them deleted.
Signed Spain future tankaso
Signed Panadero of World
Signed by vCP of México
France? Rent? As if someone request rent to be payed to Denmark or Russia or Kazakhstan lol
This is gay shit
Bullshit of agreement.
signed by Ireland CP
Signed by CP Brasil