Bosnia soldier

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                                as you know these days, peace has been signed between states so little and wars..
  reaction of admine..         


      staff who create an idea...
    persons who guard the building of eRevollution ...

and director erevollution :D


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That looks like them when they found out Celio and his VISA gang don t buy any more packs of EB s and GOLD s...
True lol
Celio quit and no money for programers of this idea of erevolution.Everybody same or closer damage is solution
Huse nek si im rekao 😂😂😂
Bring back the Celio. Game is dead without him...
Disagree with novica ubica game now start
Why did Celio quit anyway ?
@ogphoenix personal problems and perhaps because the game is no longer fun.
By personal problem he means that he cannot pay2win anymore