The word of Ra

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Hello guys. Today i wanna give reward to biggest noob on this server Agent Mehdi47.   

Here is how all this story start

On the end i just wanna congratulate to Mehdi for this reward.You deserve it

Thats all for today


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Hahahaha Laugh
Hehe irani guy whos sell dmg while his bros in iran get whiped .... talks stuoip about BoS but wanna sell to bos
Same way i bought 2 q2 wep comanies for 1 gold 😂 predlazem da mu se ovo da za glavnu nagradu Laugh
@Great nemoj ljutit ce se don hahahah
lol you noobs can celebrate all you want agent has credit as great in economy and politics, he is in gov in RL you kids can only s**k for him Laugh
@Done Did anybody ask you for opinion? Or you are his lawyer?
you asked for everyone s opinions when you made an article noob try to understand the purpose of articles Laugh
Actually your statements is not true.I publish this article in category Social interactions and entertainment .Thate similar to news that people watch every night or weather forecast.Do you say your opinion to them too??So i will ask you kindly to shut your mouth and mind your own bussiness. o7
priznaj da si mu gole slike slao za tih 70g
RIP ^^
just shut the f up salah, DoNe just ruined you xD
Hahahaha how ruined.Go sleep man 😁😂😂
did you get your gold back tho?
Damn if I saw that on MM I would definitely but that money