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Before you read - pls do subscribe, I really need you sub and vote

So, last time I ve told you how I got to evev2 - previous story
Long story short - I stuck wondering in frozen wasteland of Russia.

And I started wondering how to change my game here

Finally it came to me:

I m gona make a newspaper, win all the votes and subs and be rich

I even made a small reasearch

Press was full of lotteries, pyramid schemes and stuff in greek and portugal.

So I ve tried to get the attention with BOOBS, hint the name of the newspaper

The result was - 8 votes and 13 subscribers
in other words:

And I was like:

OK, if you made it to here you need to vote, subscribe etc.
Next time I ll share my next approach to newspaper industry



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Seriously, you can use the comments to tell me why u no like boobs
We prefer ass
A lot of them. Laugh
holy shit i love good boobs
boobs is the old good tested recepy s46 if you want sub back Laugh
Have u seen your own posts. 1 post - 1 boob pair. Man, that is not how it`s done. If I click on the post, I hope to see some collection, not just 1 sad pair.
S and V done (you can also sub mine ^^)
s56 v35 good show
nice Smile voted