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For my 1st article, I will put my first difficulties and how I started playing in eRevollution.
Like everyone I came to the game without knowing anything about how to play and what was important to do in first place.

- Well in first place to start your integration there is the Wiki at: Wiki

- Another thing I discovered is that it help a lot to know how to speak and write in English ...
- Then there are several tutorials in the most diverse languages of how to start playing.

Video Link: eRevollution

Well the key to begin to evolve well is to start doing the training field upgrades, in the Workout area...

- boot camp - Q1/10g = (5/strength)
                       - Q2/20g = (10/strength)
                       - Q3/70g = (15/strength)
                       - Q4:/170g = (20 /strength)
                       - Total = 270g

- Advanced Training - Q1/10g = (2.5/strength) - Spent 25 coins each day of training
                                     - Q2/20g = (5/strength) - Spent 50 coins each day of training
                                     - Q3/70g = (7.5/strength) - Spent 75 coins each day of training                                      
                                     - Q4:/170g = (10/strength) - Spent 100 coins each day of training
                                     -  Total = 270g for full upgrade

and you ask... how do I do the update of the camps ??
Well first you have to start going to battles every day and use as much energy as you can to get the medals:

- Super Soldier - One for every 250 strengths achieved. (5 gold)
- True Patriot - when fighting for your country in a land battle and ping through damage levels. (5 gold)
- True Ally - when fighting for an ally of your country in a land battle and ping through damage levels. (2.5 gold)
- True Revolutionary - when fighting in the resistance for your country and ping the levels of damage. (2.5 gold)

Start playing:

The first thing to do is get a job.  Job Market
Then you start working. Working
Then you go to Workout. Training
Then it is important to get the daily reward of working and training. Daily Reward

Once you've done these tasks you can spend the energy you created in the battles, 
to get the gold that will help you upgrade the training camps. Military campaigns

I hope you have enjoyed it, vote and subscribe to encourage me to continue, thank you.



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