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Date: 11/3/2019
Author: Safer
Today s Topics:
1. Cabinet
2. Future Plans
3. Recruitment


Here is the official cabinet of the USA

President: Safer

Prime Minister: Kaveh

Minister of Defence: Ktab

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hungry Kevin

Minister of Education/Ministry of Press: Safer

Governor: Satanas


USA proved to stand strong in the previous war that took place in the server, people stayed firm and eager to fight, few capitulated in safety of bonuses for resources and profit instead of defending their host country and i assure you that those people won’t be accepted back in the US.

Having closed the WW2 with beneficial terms for our country , we look forward to advertise our country and improve our economic stability even further, opening refunds once again once our e-con team manages to organize it.

Military reforms were somewhat successful with the creation of Panzer and the unification of other MUs and MU members into 1 strong and organized one. However, our work is not over on that section either so we have to keep pressing forward for improvement.

Last but not least i want to inform you about the inconvenience and my mistake that happened during these elections. I forgot to remind our PP, which was my responsibility, to nominate me as CP for another term… So he wasn’t able to nominate anyone which left our country with basically “ no government” . Furthermore, actions of people slowed down our Impeach process and left out country vulnerable for another 24-48 hours… His actions are recorded and he will be not included in any government programs nor the congress again. After our congressmen acting quickly the impeach law on admin was a success and i will be the CP of USA for another term. Looking forward to serve and work with you for our future in this country.


Here in the USA, we can always need new, active citizens. So if you re interested in becoming a US citizen, or looking for a new country to move to, please consider joining the USA. We have a fast-growing economy with guaranteed 3x100 bonuses and cheap currency for producers  strong and active players, and a fun environment for many to enjoy! So please contact any one of our cabinet members above, and join our Discord channel if you re interested!

Kind Regards,
Presidential Candidate of USA



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Comments (22)

Thank you @Boikov Cheeky
gl bro you always have my support o7
You have Kevin,you have my vote and support o7 and good luck guys
@Salah thank you !! . @Aveun Arigatouu :3
@Harisharko Cheeky
Good luck, lets unite our forces and wipe Sri Lanka together o7
Haha and who will pay for sri Lanka
@Leonidas, one ring to rule them all !!!
Good luck my friend!
@Duque , thank you Sosio Cheeky
Good luck, lets unite our forces and wipe Sri Lanka together o7 x2
now if they accept my citizenship, or not yet?
Make America Great Again
@USASlim you left the country during the war to do w/e you wanted to do. Read what i said above and you will get your answer.
Hail Safer Laugh
@Safer Yes, I left the country to help Mexico, which in the end betrayed us cowardly. I asked to return to my country, and you rejected my citizenship. I came to Greece to leave Mexico. I also commented to you, I am half Mexican and half American. I want to return to my country which is USA. In the next few days send my request, I want to go home.